Yorkshire’s Mike Hookem is running to be UKIP’s deputy – but who is he?

AMID UKIP’s less than smooth start to the leadership contest, Yorkshireman Mike Hookem rises above the disarray with an offer to Labour voters he believes will make them switch sides.

The Yorkshire and the Humber MEP is running to be the next deputy leader of Ukip, with West Midlands MEP Bill Etheridge as leader. 

This duo span the left and right of the party and know best how to appeal to the working man and woman, claims Mr Hookem, a former military engineer.

He said: “Bill has always been a policy man and he’s has put a lot of policy together that will help the working man and woman and bring on the Labour vote. That is where the party is going. Everybody knows that’s our direction and we have to capitalise on this.”

Read on… http://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/news/yorkshire-s-mike-hookem-is-running-to-be-ukip-s-deputy-but-who-is-he-1-8053359

2 thoughts on “Yorkshire’s Mike Hookem is running to be UKIP’s deputy – but who is he?

  1. A disingenuous headline from the Yorkshire Post. Did they ask the same headline question about Olly Smith? (Who he?)
    Perhaps the YP believes it is asking the question on behalf of its readers, are readers so dumb they are unable to source information themselves? Mike Hookem has been an MEP since 2014.

    The MSM and the BBC like to imagine UKIP is finished/racist/disorganised or doomed. They would wouldn’t they?
    I don’t care who leads UKIP providing he/she keeps the pressure on Mother Theresa to make sure ‘Brexit means Brexit’.

    As an aside here is another example of the Biased Broadcasting Corporation’s refusal to announce nationwide a ward by election result because of its adherence to the left wing agenda. http://www.kentonline.co.uk/ashford/news/ukip-steal-labour-seat-in-100226/
    If a Corbynista had won it would probably occupy at least 20 minutes of the Beeb’s taxpayer funded airtime and a whole page of the usual nonsense from Poisonous Polly in the Graudian.


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