Andrew Roddison – Rotherham Council Sex Case Moves To Leeds

The Advertiser caught up with the twists and turns of this sexual assault case and nicely turns our attention to Leeds Magistrates Court on Wednesday 10th August.

Previously: Cllr Andrew Roddison case



3 thoughts on “Andrew Roddison – Rotherham Council Sex Case Moves To Leeds

  1. Let me get this right.

    Cllr Andrew Roddinson has been suspended from the Labour Party but NOT from the council where he will inevitably meet up and have to work with his alllleged victim ie a colleague?

    So where’s the duty of care for that person? Typical RMBC arrogance and absolutely shamefull as we know victims just do not count or are protected.

    Just wheel out Smithy to defend this viille man, shift the case to Leeds and it’s business as usual.

    I hope that voters have good memories.


  2. It will be interesting to see if the “double” Standards Committee are going to put him under investigation. When an Independent was up before the Court ( which was “kicked out) ( no not the Karate kid) The “Double” Standards Committee were falling over themselves to investigate. Not surprisingly, the investigation found the Cllr “guilty”,
    What is surprising is that the three Ex Labour Cllrs who complained, Dalton, Stonebridge and Wardle, never saw anything, one (Stonebridge) made up a situation that the councillor was acting in his capacity as a councillor, which was by Law impossible, and it was shown that the two “independent” witnesses not only lied, but were “in hock” financially to one of the Labour Cllrs.
    But hey, since when has facts and truth been a problem to the “Double” Standards Committee
    P.S The Cllr concerned has just been told he can only see the minutes to his Trial ( read stitch up) if he agrees not to make the minutes public.

    PPS Sir Derek refused a meeting with the Cllr Concerned, the cover up continues, so who`s going The Leader or the lead Commissioner ?


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