3 thoughts on “Dominic Beck Serving Two Masters

  1. The Boy Blunder will vote with the majority in the council chamber to protect his jobs.
    He serves more than two masters; He is also a trustee of the Kiveton Park and Wales Community Development Trust, it will be interesting to see if they agree or disagree with the proposed HS2 route and what his reactions will be?
    “Councillors will represent you regardless of political persuasion”
    It is not made clear if this means his or your political persuasion.

    Being declared ‘Unfit for Purpose’ in Rotherham means you get promoted (Over your head)



    • The Boy Wonder—sorry BLUNDER has always been in over his head even when chair of APC he was the biggest idiot this side of the black stump. The only thing he is good for is saying yes sir to the Labour party and licking boots, he certainly has no qualifications in anything other.


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