26 thoughts on “Kevin Barron backs Owen Smith

  1. Sir Nutkin’s letter is composed of half truths and misinformation and to say Smith is ‘principled and passionate’ misses the point completely.
    Has Smith got voter appeal? No. Is he perceived as the next PM? No. Has he got charisma? No.
    Is Sir Nutkin losing the plot? Yes.


  2. So barron shows his lack of democracy like many of the tory lite MPs in thevarea. Not letting all clp members consider & decide.

    Him and his PLP cronies have split and divided the party with their squalid plotting.

    Like many more of his fellow splitters and rebels involved in their coup. Barron and the rest voted for academies, tuition fees, retaining anti union laws. Voting for illegal wars and bombing of syria.
    Austerity with privatisation, cuts, welfare cuts against the most vulnerable. Like owen wotsit he is backed by the big pharma drug firms who are bleeding the Nhs dry.


  3. Sticking together to protect their gravy train and expenses.

    Him and his pals have put a chainsaw to the party to undermine the members, party and corbyn.

    Wotsit is a right winger like barron.
    Content to steal corbyns policies.


  4. This rabble of MPs want to revert back to telling members who the leader is to run their political club.

    Times running out.

    Time for re selection


  5. Doubt that Sir Nutkin is worried about reselection now. More likely hoping to become Baron Barron of Rother Valley. It will be interesting to see which current MPs manage to find seats after boundary changes.


  6. Is dodgy barron connected to Pfizer as well as other pharma drugs firms?

    Barrun has become an unknown MP in Rotherham whilst selling out the miners and communities.

    Its no surprise he is backing Bilko


  7. I received this email and sent a simple reply. (What nonsense!)

    Jeremy will win the contest and the many on the gravy trains should disembark but they will not. These “principled people” have no principles whatsoever.


  8. Wonder when the CLP re selections will be held to select new MPs.

    After this debacle of their disloyalty and lack of democracy he will hopefully experience the wrath of the members.

    Check out his vile voting record


  9. I see an interesting situation developing in Anston, between Sir Nutkins and his Labour Ward Cllr Velez. Sir Nutkin says “vote smith”, yet his newest ward Cllr, Cllr Wilson (or is it Velez, no one seems to know which name it is this week) has quite clearly come out in support for Jezza on her Twitter account. So who wins now.? Nutkins or jezza. We will probably never know, since being elected last May, no one has seen or heard of her, but she did say after being elected that she was going to concentrate on her Business Studies. So whilst we pay her around a thousand a month, she is busy (?) swanning at our expense.


  10. Well Barran is allegedly a CSE denier.

    He claims cllrs in his clp AND cllrs in his family never mentioned it over 20 years.
    Oooooh yesss


  11. Stuart,

    I would like to state for the record that I am very supportive of our local MPs and the great work that they do for our borough. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. The Labour Party must get behind any candidate who is elected either Smith or Corbyn and I will endeavour to cary on campaigning and fighting against the harsh austerity measures enforced by the current Tory government under either leader. I’d like to state that I haven’t openly endorsed Corbyn on my Twitter account. I have retweeted a few of his tweets 1)because he is the leader of our party at the moment 2)if I agree with a particular point he has made. I do not think that would qualify as an endorsement. However, I would like to add that I have purposely veered away from the somewhat vindictive leadership argument on my social media accounts as I think it has no place in our party.

    Furthermore, my exams have now finished and I have been working tirelessly attending every meeting possible both in Rotherham and with various community groups and organisations in Anston and Woodsetts. I have also been working on a few big ideas which will be coming to fruition soon.

    As you seem to follow my twitter account closely, I advise you pay close attention to my many tweets throughout the week which highlight all that I am doing for the ward and the effort I continously uphold at the council.

    Kind regards,
    Cllr Katherine Wilson


    • Clearly the local MPs never supported the elected party leader. Barron and healy have been part of the disgraceful coup. They have been very snidey in undermining him.

      Then they have colluded in denying all members the right to nominate.

      This after only 9 months.
      At least they can escape on family hols rather than help the party to campaign against tory policies.

      Smith is pro austerity. Examine his voting record. Its quite simple to do.


    • This is a first! A Labour councillor responding to posts on rothpol.
      Has the Labour group had a change of heart I wonder or is Cllr.Wilson not aware of the ban on Labour councillors responding/posting on this particular forum?


  12. “which highlight all that I am doing for the ward”
    Does that include helping Anston Parish Council to overturn the decision not to provide police cover for the annual Remembrance Day parade and the parish bonfire night celebrations?


    • I think that’s the job of anston parish council. I think they are able to deal with administrative issues or they too need the commissioners to step in?

      I have seen a few posts from Cllr Wilson and I met her at a coffee morning last month. First impressions are that she is approachable: Willing to listen and most refreshingly she encourages everyone to get involved irrespective of their views. I have met too many councillors to mention but she is one of the nicest around.


  13. “I think that’s the job of anston parish council”
    That comment betrays your lack of knowledge of the powers of a parish council.
    Policing of organised events is in the remit of the police not a borough,town or parish council.
    It was the decision of the PCC and Ch.Const.of SYP who decided to withdraw police cover, not RMBC or parish councillors.
    Borough councillors can reinforce and add weigh to requests from parish councils. We have the support of Clive Jepson (Independent).That’s all.
    My last post deserves an answer from Cllr.Wilson.


    • I have to admit that I know very little about what the parish council can or cannot do. I think Anston parish council, my neighbour tells me, is like the vicar of Dibly without the laughs however I could be wrong. Great to hear Clive supports the parish. I think I spoke to him recently. Nice bloke with a mushtash


    • Hi Colin,

      If the police presence has been lost at these events and you are trying to request that it is reinstated and you want my support to add weight to such a request please contact me on my on RMBC email. Please state why the police presence was denied and any relevant details.

      If you’d like my support on any subsequent appeals made, I’d be happy to converse with the Parish Council and add to Clive’s support in the future.

      Cllr Katherine Wilson


      • ” Please state why the police presence was denied and any relevant details”
        Former Ch.Const. Davbid Crompton made the decision to deny us police cover as part of his £8 million plan to ‘restructure’ costs and manpower.
        I’m surprised you are unaware of this especially as our neighbouring town Dinnington has also lost its police station and any effective policing. Sir Nutkin has not spoken in support of APC in its efforts to get this bizarre decision overturned.


  14. Dear Katherine Wilson, or is it Velez ( i think it was Velez on the election paper). I was correct when I said you were supporting Jezza, you confirm it by re tweeting on your twitter account, If you did not endorse him you would not have do so. Your reply suggests the same old same old Labour tactic of when your caught out, start backtracking. It also seems you are now supporting BOTH candidates, Sir Nutkin wont like that, he demands loyalty, so your already in the bad books.
    Pray do tell which meetings you have attended at RMBC since your Election and which community groups you have been engaging with in Anston.
    PS, Mr Tawn was right, Labour have orders not post on this site, so now you have upset Smithy, Jezza, Sir Nutkin, Der Leader and the Party, no bad going at all.


    • I thought this site was for Rotherham politics or is it a place to vent hatred against Labour. Your comment is so petty. I just hope you never decide to join the parish council!


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