Rotherham’s corrupt cops wouldn’t tackle child abuse

Rotherham’s corrupt cops wouldn’t tackle child abuse

Jayne Senior spoke to Sadie Robinson about her new book which exposes how the authories in Rotherheam held back the truth of an abuse scandal

A corrupt police officer was among those refusing to tackle child abuse in Rotherham, a new book has revealed.

Jayne Senior worked for Risky Business, a service that supported children at risk of abuse in the South Yorkshire town. Her book, Broken and Betrayed, describes years of police failings—and suggests a cover up of the abuse (see below).

Jayne told Socialist Worker that she was “not at all” surprised by evidence of police corruption that emerged in a recent abuse trial.

“I don’t think anybody in the police or the council would have been shocked,” she added.

The book details how Risky Business gave South Yorkshire Police (SYP) a mountain of evidence over many years. But “we were constantly told by senior officers that it was ‘hearsay’,” she said.

She wrote, “I was angry not only at the abusers, but the system. The system was stacked against victims.”

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Rotherham solicitor slams police ‘corruption’ after abuse trial

After guilty verdicts in the Rotherham abuse trial, David Greenwood, the solicitor representing 65 survivors of abuse in Rotherham speaks to Socialist Worker

“I think almost every young person that I’ve spoken to has complained about the police. Complaints about the police among survivors come up time and time again.

Some have said that they were in situations as children where it was obvious to police they shouldn’t have been. They were in the company of much older adults in the backs of cars, particular buildings, etc.

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19 thoughts on “Rotherham’s corrupt cops wouldn’t tackle child abuse

  1. Corrupt police officers in South Yorkshire? – surely not, I’m deeply shocked!

    Goodness, goodness me, who would have thought it.


  2. The Socialist Worker and the Trotsyists that support it aren’t in the least interested in child abuse.
    They are only interested in any issues with which they can “slag off the establishment”.
    Intesting that Mz Senior chooses to speak to them now that she is a Labour councillor – the latter being a situation which defies logic.
    I don’t remember seeing any SWP sheep with their purple banners demonstrating against child abuse in Rotherham , or anywhere else for that matter, but conversely I see them demonstrating against the EDL and Britain First when they march in Rotherham, mixing with the Pakistani diaspora from which the abusers emerged, shouting “nazi” and “racist” and causing mayhem and chaos.
    None of this is new information – the SYP is riddled withcorruption, which is why , as I said a long time ago, the Home Office has had it on their radar for a long, long time for “reorganisation”.


    • Somehow she beginning to tarnish her reputation by associating with the very people who were equally responable for what happen, by blaming the Police, who can’t really defend themselves. Sucking up to the lowlife in Rotherham Labour party, isn’t really a badge of honour, everyone knows there easily seduced, just ask the Pakistani’s , who used them and abuse their little girls for decades.

      Perhaps she should be exposing the social workers, especially the ones who legged to other councils.


  3. The police corruption in this county corner is blatant, arrogant, and institutional.
    All that matters is protecting the corporate brand.
    Meanwhile, victims are being left high-and-dry.
    Officers lie to the the so-called Integrity Department / Discipline and Complaints, who, even when they have evidence of the lies, then lie to the IPCC, who, only on Appeal, uphold the original complaint, whereupon the Chief Constable remits the case straight back to the corrupt cop!
    It makes no difference if those being abused are elderly, very young, vulnerable, or even dying, what matters is reputation management, damage limitation, self-protection, etc.
    – And it not only Rotherham that colludes in the cover-ups – Sheffield is worse.


  4. Jayne wrote that children are continuing to suffer abuse in Rotherham “with very little being done to prevent it”.

    RB was there to prevent it, it’s there in black and white. RB failed in all its mission statements.

    There was me thinking, RB awareness, RB giving lectures at schools and RB teaching police,magistrates the seminars at the council. The corruption!

    “did a law degree, police fobbing you off”,
    they fobbed you off for another 9 yrs.
    Conveniently you only ever spoke because Andrew Norfolk knocked on your door.


    • Well the people who post on here are from Rotherham, but I can’t see any posts indicating that it is still going on.
      it’s in the Daily Express so it may just be hype.
      I’m not a local so I can’t gather any evidence. I find this hard to believe in the circumstances , but in South Yorkshire I suppose anything is possible.


      • Unfortunately I can report that is is most certainly still going on unabated. The ‘culture of impunity’ still works for the perpetrators. There is still much work to do, before we have the full truth!


        • Well what are the people of Rotherham doing about it ?
          Head in tha sand time as usual ?
          Criminality of the few can only thrive if the majority allow it to do so.


        • We’ve got a set of commissioners to resolve what was created by some people, who actually wear a badge of honour now.

          And we’ve got Barnardo’s fleecing us now. Misery = Money need I say more.

          The real truth of not CSE, but what the Council has been upto still is to be revealed.

          Apparently we don’t seem to find whistle blowers when you actually need them.


        • Where’s your evidence to support your statement ‘I can report it is still going on unabated with a cultured of impunity for the perpetrators’?


      • You could be right that its just headlines paper talk, but having posed a question directly to Alan Billings at a Dinnington Town council meeting and hearing his reply, I don’t have any confidence in the way SY police are being run. Politicising SY police only makes it worse than what is already was.


        • All Police Forces are politicised. Why do you think PC fools like Billings are drawn from political parties to be elected ? A “normal” person cannot apply. Chief Constables and ACC’s are totally political animals – the interviews sort them out to be so.
          What world have you been living in to think that the police aren’t political ?

          Why exactly do you think that the term “community cohesion” keep appearing. I refer you to the heavily censored West Midlands police document ( response to a FOI request ) regarding the situation akin to Rotherham , you might like to read it , but I quote from it :

          Problem Profile : Operation Protection

          Click to access 724_Attachment_03.pdf


          “The vast majority of identified suspects (79 per cent) are Asian (59 of 75), 12 per cent are white and five per cent are African Caribbean. 62 per cent of Asian suspects are of Pakistani origin”
          “A high level of organised criminality has now been evidenced both across the force area and regionally, with multiple offenders working together to identify, groom and abuse victims”

          6.0 Community Tension Risks
          The predominant offender profile of Pakistani Muslim males (as highlighted in Section 4) combined with the predominant victim profile of White females has the potential to cause significant community tensions. Court cases in relation to this are increasingly being reported in local and national media and these are being highlighted and actively campaigned on by far right groups such as the British National Party (BNP).

          As part of initial Operation PROTECTION recommendations each OCU was encouraged to complete a Community Impact Assessment in relation to the aboveissues. Few appear to have been undertaken.
          There is a potential for a backlash against the vast majority of law abiding citizens from Asian/Pakistani communities from other members of the community believing their children have been exploited.

          Police will be criticised if it appears we have not safeguarded vulnerable children, investigated offences and prosecuted offenders

          Key Finding
          The predominant ethnicity of victims and offenders poses significant threats to community tension, nationally and locally.

          You will see from this document that the police have as part of their remit to consider “community cohesion” and this severely impacts upon the job that we actually pay them to do, which is to catch criminals and protect children.
          “Community Cohesion” is a political consideration , nothing to do with the real purpose of policing.
          It is a consequence of the political dogma which insists that we must have “multicultural society”


  5. Has Any type of abuse ever stopped!

    The Irish have nailed it:

    AN ANGRY Irish public has pointed out for what must be the 100th time that it would not have to express its anger after learning of corrupt charities ‘if the government just did its fucking job’.

    No Need For Corrupt Charities If Government Just Did Its Job, Confirms Nation – Waterford Whispers News

    Voluntary sector/charity sector.

    Gina Miller, Founder of the True and Fair Foundation, told the Telegraph: “It is an utter disgrace that so much of the money people generously give is going to feed large charity machines, which are often characterised by obscene overheads and salaries, aggressive fundraising, and bloated marketing and publicity departments; resulting in questionable levels of charitable spending.”

    One in five charities spends less than half their total income on good causes, says new report | Home News | News | The Independent

    You want anything from Barnardo’s, ya pay for it! Absolutely nothing not even literature.

    You want anything from NSPCC, ya donate for it!

    What has changed?


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