Leader must be strong and genuine

CORBYN is a proven winner and was leading the Tories in the polls until the MP rebels mounted their coup to undermine, dis-unite and sabotage the party’s electoral chances. He has won nine general elections as a campaigning and fighting back MP.  He has successfully forced the Government to drop policies by mounting challenges. He has grown the party and quadrupled its membership.  Therefore, it’s hard to fathom the true motive for this utter disgraceful attempt at destroying him and in the process, with daily venomous attacks on him, destroying the Labour Party.                                                                                                                                                   Discredited King of Spin Alistair Campbell, Aussie henchman John McTernan and others have been behind the plotters agenda.

Read on… http://www.rotherhamadvertiser.co.uk/news/104092/letter-leader-must-be-strong-and-genuine.aspx

2 thoughts on “Leader must be strong and genuine

  1. Ged is or shoud be sufficiently aware of EU Directive 97/67/EC as amended by Directive 2002/39/EC which prohibits nationalisation of Royal Mail/Post Office and the First Railway Directive (which was replaced and upgraded in 2012 with a new version) That law enshrined the role of the private
    sector by making it a legal requirement for independent companies to be able to apply for non-discriminatory track access on a member state’s track.
    He will also know both RMT and Aslef campaigned to leave the EU because EU directives enforce the breaking up and privatisation of national railways to allow free access to the so called European ‘rail market’.
    The Labour party is pro EU therefore the question is; Is Corbyn willing to live in and come to terms with the 21st century or is he stuck in his 1970’s time warp?
    He cannot promote nationalisation and lead a pro EU party.


  2. Mr Dempsey clearly believes that it is time for the dinosaurs to make a come-back.

    His suggestion that “CORBYN is a proven winner and was leading the Tories in the polls until the MP rebels mounted their coup to undermine, dis-unite and sabotage the party’s electoral chances.” is patently and evidentially ridiculous.

    I prefer fact-checking to fantasy assertion.

    The Conservatives have held an uninterrupted lead in the polls since April 24, 2015. There was one poll – for the Mail on Sunday (Mr Dempsey’s paper of record, I presume) on June 26 2016 – which had Labour and Conservative level on 32%, although another poll on the same day put the Conservatives four points ahead.

    To win the next general election, Mr Corbyn’s Labour Party would need to win back – from the Conservatives, from UKIP and non-voters – a couple of million electors they lost in 2015, and they would also need to win the majority of new voters. There is not a single poll which suggests that this is credible.


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