ROTHERHAM SCANDAL: Scared abuse victims not reporting crimes over fear of losing children

ROTHERHAM SCANDAL: Scared abuse victims not reporting crimes over fear of losing children

GIRLS who have been subjected to horrific sexual abuse by grooming gangs in Rotherham are refusing to come forward and report the crimes over fears social services will take away their children.

As part of a Rotherham investigation series being revealed this week, has learnt how victims of industrial scale child sexual exploitation (CSE) in the Yorkshire town have been left too scared to go to the police because council workers are more interested in taking their children off them than offering support, it has been claimed.Campaigners and victims have told this website that social workers are threatening to take children away from grown women even if they come forward to report sexual abuse that they suffered as a child.

In some cases the children are the result of the sexual abuse they suffered, but in many they are the result of loving relationships they have established long after their initial ordeal.

Council workers have been accused of using the excuse that victims have been mentally scarred to prise children from their families and put them in care.

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ROTHERHAM SCANDAL: Fury as child abuse evidence VANISHES from police station

VITAL pieces of evidence which could have outed new suspects in the Rotherham grooming scandal have gone “missing” from the town’s police station with alarming regularity.

Senior officers were under pressure to explain how key documents, which are supposed to be kept under lock and key, vanished from Rotherham’s central station amid accusations they are still failing to tackle the issue of Asian grooming gangs.

As part of an investigation into the Rotherham abuse scandal, victims have told this website of their shock and disgust that evidence they provided to the police in the form of witness statements and DNA later disappeared without explanation.

One even raised suspicions police tipped off her abuser that she had contacted them, saying he began texting her death threats within hours of her attending the station alone to give an interview to officers.

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ROTHERHAM ABUSE SCANDAL: Horrific reality of ‘industrial scale’ child grooming revealed

GROOMING of young girls by gangs of predominantly Kashmiri men is still occurring on an “industrial scale” in Rotherham because authorities are failing to tackle an organised child sex crime racket, an investigation by has uncovered. has pieced … Continue reading

18 thoughts on “ROTHERHAM SCANDAL: Scared abuse victims not reporting crimes over fear of losing children

  1. This info is from 2014 scaring people not to come forward saying they will have kids removed well done express a LOT has changed since then so why do this interview now can’t wait till the truth comes out


    • There is a senior RMBC manager who threatened to take away a mother’s child if she spoke to the media about council failings that let abuse happen. My source was present at the meeting but won’t give me the name as the mother is too terrified and won’t give permission. This was a few months ago. I want people to come forward but RMBC aren’t helping.


      • Oooo Giles is back not heard from you since you was drinking bubbles with the queen had insider gone off sick for a while have a long memory me and screen shots


        • Well there were more than one hundred Rotherham babies born of this rape epidemic snatched from the arms of their weeping mothers and placed into “care” by RMBC. That’s not even in dispute as I understand it. No doubt every one had the proper legal papers. Best interests of the child etc.
          BTW a piece of advice, notwithstanding the distressingly common fallacy that insult is a form of argument, it isn’t and it doesn’t help your case. An expression of polite incredulity would make your point, such as it is, so much more effectively. You are welcome.


      • The Mirror article – yes daily Mirror (pause) doesn’t say that over100 babies were removed (snatched) from the arms of their weeping mothers Giles.


        • Fair enough. It says many of them were removed. My bad, I was quoting from memory. My point remains whether it was twenty five, fifty or 100. The threat made by the manager I referred to was entirely credible. Credible enough to terrify the mother at any rate. Are you seriously saying you wouldn’t be frightened if they were saying they would be bringing proceedings to remove your child?


        • You will notice the quoted source for their claim was the Jay report, yes the Jay report (pause). Or is that also a source you consider insufficiently credible?


        • Jay Report of almost two years ago? New ‘revelations’ then Giles? So we’ve got you off the ‘over 100 babies snatched…’ misreporting and onto to other old news. Great. I trust you have made the council aware of the information you have now Giles.


        • As the mother is too scared to name the manager that’ would be pointless. If I do obtain the name it will be published if I can stand it up and passed on to the police. I would also recommend to the mother that she bring a civil suit.


  2. Some of these stories are old and how do people expect victims n survivors to come forward with bad press like this.
    The services in Rotherham are loads better than what they used to be Infact evolve, grow , and Rotherham rise are amazing and social services are really good compared to years ago the last thing they do is take children of their parents I think people are going on what was said in jay report which happened years ago , Rotherham needs to move forward and it is and some people don’t want it to


  3. Yet this evolved Council is happy to take people to court for not paying full council tax, until the council can work out how much poor people actually owe…


  4. This renewed digging up of anti narrative dirt in the Daily Express and the Doncaster stabbings (which appear to have disappeared down the memory hole) might explain the sudden delivery of the the neo Nazi letter to a Rotherham mosque. Look North delighted in making a meal of it. There is a persistent recurrence of pro narrative stories whenever some nasty journalist uncovers some anti narrative line or a court appearance by groomers is due. Ordinarily the Jimmy Savile story is wheeled out as a rebuttal, perhaps it is wearing a little thin. Look North’s editorial team also coincidentally segued from a neo Nazi frenzy into a UKIP story – Happy days Len!


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  6. Nonsense story. The council can’t remove children without a court order. If a mother is providing good care for her child no-one can take her baby. Simple. Express – old news, desperate attempt.


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