Racist Ian McAllister Guilty!

A year has passed by since we brought you the sorry tale of inaction by the authorities (Council & SY Police) in respect of an outrageous unprovoked racist attack upon his victim. See below.

Now, at last, the Court case against Ian McAllister has concluded, resulting in his conviction for Racially Aggravated Criminal Damage and Criminal Damage.

After he was found guilty, he was given a Community Order for 8 weeks, placing him under curfew from 9pm to 6am, in addition to a compensatory award of £500 plus a victim surcharge of £60! Quite a result!

This is the second racist in the family, Ian McAllister’s daughter was convicted on a previous occasion and given a suspended prison sentence for her crimes.

Understand the victim is considering his options with regard to the potential for civil litigation, at the moment. More news when available.

Will no one put an end to a family’s torment?

This gallery contains 2 photos.

There appears to have been little action on the part of the authorities to the continued, racially motivated crimes, that resulted in our victim being assaulted, by Ian MacAllister, resulting in a hospital visit. The top picture seems to … Continue reading 

Newspaper clippings of interest:


4 thoughts on “Racist Ian McAllister Guilty!

  1. So much for Rotherham’s Safeguarding Policies, all three of these racists have significant contact with children of a young age! Time the Commissioners called time, on that rather unsuitable activity for them to be engaged in, I would have thought?


  2. I have been following this story i understand that the councils hands have been tied in evicting their tennants and relocating them from where it all had taken place, due to a dodgy lease by the council given to an ex councillor. Maybe both partys should prosecute rotherham council for theyre neglect. £££££

    The racism is really sad No DBS checks are needed in rotherham when you know people in the council.


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