Devolution legal challenge

Derbyshire County Council is mounting a legal challenge against the consultation regarding the creation of the Sheffield City Region Mayoral Combined Authority.

As a proposed devolution deal progresses, a Mayoral Combined Authority is set to be created, building on the 2013 agreement which saw the nine local authorities that comprise the city region create a new legal body with responsibility for transport, economic development and regeneration.

The deal includes a new gain share deal within an envelope of £30m a year for 30 years – giving the SCR the power to use new funding to boost local growth and invest in local manufacturing and innovation.

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County council leaders protest at Chesterfield and Worksop joining Sheffield

Council chiefs in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire are fighting plans for two of their districts to join Sheffield under its devolution deal.

The leader of Nottinghamshire County Council has written to senior government ministers objecting to plans for Bassetlaw – which includes Worksop – to become a full member of Sheffield City Region Combined Authority.

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6 thoughts on “Devolution legal challenge

  1. Ah yes, the nice new ‘Sheffield City Region’ – er, SCR serving SC.

    And the first hurdle? – How best to make HS2 serve the region?
    SCR’s answer? – why, sod everyone else, let’s have it just for Sheffield!! – classic!

    Well done Derbys, they are absolutely right to challenge the parasites.


  2. Smoke and mirrors from Derbys.CC. They knew exactly what was on the table when the SCR was first proposed.
    It is not ‘Do you want Chesterfield to be controlled by Sheffield and its Mayor?’ Councillor John Burrows, Chesterfield Borough Council’s leader and cabinet member for regeneration, said: “This (SCR) will not affect the services that the council currently provides to residents in Chesterfield”
    Is this Derbys.CC playing Big Brother?


  3. Good on Derbyshire CC for throwing a spanner in the works ! The “Consultation” process by the muppets at Town Hall Towers was equally insufficient and, therefore, illegal as that in Chesterfield ! Not only insufficient but underhanded by the “not fit for purpose” shower who are supposed to be running RMBC ! Piss up & Brewery springs too mind,


  4. The creation of the Sheffield City Region could mean towns such as Rotherham, Doncaster,Chesterfield and Barnsley will have or need fewer councillors because of duplication and overlap between the combined authorities. It is fair bet that Sheffield will take the lead role in most of the decision making and controlling the purse strings therefore our local towns will follow orders if they want a share of the money available.
    It will not be presented in this way but as the region will be named Sheffield City Region guess who gets to play Head Honcho?


    • It will be SIr Steve Houghton of Barnsley mark my words. Don’t worry though he won’t favour Barnsley more than any other town you only have to walk around our town centre to see he doesn’t really care about us.


      • Working people, Pensioners and those who can’t work have been relying on Labour for too many years – it hasn’t worked.
        The only real benefit to our towns is when we get handouts from British EU money and from Conservative Governments disaster fund!


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