1,000 Labour councillors: Why we are backing Owen Smith to continue the fight against austerity

1,000 Labour councillors: Why we are backing Owen Smith to continue the fight against austerity

Update: This letter was signed by 500 Labour councillors on July 26, 2016. It has now been updated to reflect its 1,000 signatories.

In a month’s time, we will be casting our votes for Owen Smith as Leader because we believe this is the only path forward to a Labour Government and putting a stop to the immense damage the Tories are doing to our communities and our nation.

We have closely watched the debate in our Party in recent weeks and are deeply impressed with how Owen has done. He has driven home the message that the fight Labour must lead is about tackling inequalities in wealth, power, outcomes and opportunities, across our country.

Read on… http://labourlist.org/2016/08/500-labour-councillors-why-we-are-backing-owen-smith-to-continue-the-fight-against-austerity/

13 thoughts on “1,000 Labour councillors: Why we are backing Owen Smith to continue the fight against austerity

  1. CSE denier goes for owen wotsit
    So sue ellis who has for years tried to pretend she was on the left has shown her true colours. Is she just sucking up to plotter healy.

    Her reputation is in tatters.


    • Includes Emma Hoddinot too as her name was on the original list of 500 and has been removed.
      Talk about edge your bets and look after your career hopes……..


  2. Ah. Owen (“who?”) Smith. Wants a second referendum because the first didn’t go his way. No surprise he is challenging Corbyn within a year of Corbyn’s election. Yes that will reconnect with the working class. Treating people as racist morons is a sure way to win their confidence.


  3. what happened to those other cllrs involved directly in the cse coverup who signed the first one for oily? did hoddunott and aitkin loose their bottle or backbone again?


    • This rotten council have been embracing tory policies by imposing cuts against the most vulnerable for years like meals on wheels and laundry services. And closing down special schools and council care homes.
      They refused to stop bedroom tax and wasted millions on pfi for schools.


  4. Heard people slagging off cllr ellis again on streets of wickersley.

    The old guard must be laughing their heads off at ellis. Even reed and partner had sense to pull back.


  5. If the various factions think what has happened so far is austerity then wait until it really kicks in once the money runs out.
    There is no cash at the end of the Labour/Tory/SNP/LibDem rainbow, it’s all a fairy story


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