Jarvis voices devolution fears over mayors

BARNSLEY MP Dan Jarvis has questioned the Government’s commitment to giving Yorkshire more control over its own affairs after it emerged new prime minister Theresa May is concerned about creating new ‘metro-mayors’.

Mr Jarvis warned the Government against allowing plans for new elected mayors to go ahead in Manchester and Merseyside but not do the same in Yorkshire.

Mrs May’s apparent reservations about elected mayors, which were championed by former chancellor George Osborne, has raised questions over the future of the devolution deal covering South Yorkshire.

Read on… http://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/news/jarvis-voices-devolution-fears-over-mayors-1-8086469

and, Dan Jarvis on Brexit:

Brexit was cry of anger from the North – Barnsley MP

IT is two months since people across the North of England, including in my Barnsley constituency, made a bold and clear decision to leave the European Union.

All three northern regions, including Yorkshire, voted Leave and just 11 out of 72 areas across the North voted Remain. The will of the people is clear and, while I campaigned to remain in the EU, it is now the duty of politicians to implement that decision.

Read on… http://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/news/opinion/brexit-was-cry-of-anger-from-the-north-barnsley-mp-1-8082497

9 thoughts on “Jarvis voices devolution fears over mayors

  1. To a degree, I agree with May about the elected mayor gravy train, but Jarvis strikes a very pertinent chord, particularly as how May is supporting the shambles that is HS2 i.e. the-drain-everything-out-of-the-region-and-direct-it-to-London service.
    Strikes me that May needs to bring some focus upon her plans for the England that exists beyond the so-called Home counties.


  2. The devolution deal would work without an elected mayor. The only likely difference is that the decision-making process would be slightly slower.


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