It’s time to unite

The political fantasists within the Westminster bubble are in a frenzy and sink to new depths?

This leadership contest where a stooge has been put up to contest the leadership is phoney as no vacancy really exists. Those 171 MPs involved in this squalid plotting and coup are showing contempt to their members and voters. The largest membership in European politics thanks to Corbyn offering a different politics to the status quo. He offers hope whilst many sadly only offers more of the same dire policies with austerity, cuts to welfare, tuition fees, tax avoidance, low pay, agency exploitation of the unwaged, embracing TTIP – whilst sucking up to the whims of the bankers, press barons and Corporates.

The political class, establishment and media barons know the threat to their cosy lives and are colluding to say “you 99% get back in your box and we the 1% will continue to tell you what you are having!”

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Corbyn has caused panic in upper echelons

THE establishment has come to the aid of the 172 rebel MPs in their battle for control of the Labour Party.

Last week saw the most cynically, overt, move yet, in the defence of New Labour and the Blairite careerists against Jeremy Corbyn and the membership, for the control of Labour. After an initial High Court ruling that re-enfranchised the voting rights of 140,000 new members and affiliates of the Labour Party — largely seen as Corbyn supporters — their voting rights were again trashed by another High Court judge, who it turns out, is an “intimate friend” of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. It also turns out that he was employed by New Labour in the past to get legal decisions passed favourably to yours truly: notably, no enquiry into the war on Iraq.

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Party represents the majority

I WAS considering responding to the daft rants of the Daily Mail parrots Darby and Fletcher again, who have written letters full of their typical rambling bile of lies and accusations, which would be offensive if it weren’t for the obvious fact that they have no credibility whatsoever. But I’m sure most readers see them for what they are, and don’t pay too much attention to such rants.

But I thought it necessary to respond to Mr Sylvester, who also seems to makes things up as he goes along. The suggestion that the Labour Party is simply a “rabble” that prefers to indulge in internal disputes rather than solving society’s problems misunderstands the current dynamics of UK politics. The majority in society are suffering the effects of the economic crisis that started in 2007/8 and continues to this day. There are a minority of very wealthy people that are not suffering, and they have the Tories and the Labour right wing in their pockets — they are the establishment, and they include those that control the levers of the economy, and the mainstream media.

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1 thought on “It’s time to unite

  1. Lolol! No vacancy but most definitely a vacuum. Corbyn couldn’t lead his way out of a paper bag. The press are on at him because he’s useless, no conspiracy theory is needed! And the Establishment have no fear of him at all – why would they? He will never be in a position to threaten their interests.


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