Bank Holiday Reading – The Heal Report

For those of you with time on their hands, some interesting reading, collectively referred to as the Heal Report, important source material to assist in our understanding of the ‘Rotherham Model’ of child sexual exploitation:

Click to access Sexual-Exploitation-Drug-Use-and-Drug-Dealing-the-Current-Situation-in-South-Yorkshire.pdf

Click to access Violence-and-Gun-Crime-Linking-Sexual-Exploitation-Prostitution-and-Drug-Markets-in-South-Yorkshire.pdf

3 thoughts on “Bank Holiday Reading – The Heal Report

  1. These two reports on the whole explain the original family (Rotherham model), and as the second report suggests that the original family no longer on the scene, the void being filled by others, and it appears that the most shocking scenes of CSE have occurred in this model.

    And if we look beyond the racial element, Operation Central, Czar and Chard seem to be of the following (Andrew Norfolk) model:

    Child sexual exploitation in gangs

    ●Sexual exploitation is used in gangs to:

    ●exert power and control over members

    ●initiate young people into the gang

    ●exchange sexual activity for status or protection

    ●entrap rival gang members by exploiting girls and young women

    ●inflict sexual assault as a weapon in conflict.

    Girls and young women are frequently forced into sexual activity by gang members. Research by Beckett (2012) found girls considered to be engaging in casual sex were seen as forfeiting their right to refuse sex.

    The majority of sexual exploitation within gangs is committed by teenage boys and men in their twenties (Berelowitz et al, 2012).

    Child sexual exploitation: at a glance | NSPCC


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