Some clarity from Hotspot

My actual main point is Jay’s acceptance  of the chairman’s role in the independent inquiry into CSA.

Mrs Amber Rudd gave Mrs Jay a chairman’s role, it would have been better to scrap the failed report.

She can’t be a chairman, and that is not because she is a woman.

Look at statutory inquiry, of the Inquiries Act 2005, and inquiries rules 2006.

Readers might like the challenge of finding the important sections themselves?

Click on images to read in full:














Is Alexis the right person to lead the CSA inquiry? Simply NO!

She didn’t need a Methodology for her report now did she.

Apparently she has 30 yrs experience in social work, she could have given the public 988 redacted case studies, and let us make up our own minds. Nanny state is still alive and well I take it.

The shame is she told us some truths, and we on the whole we filled in the blanks.
Do you remember this , we can’t accept anything post Jay, that actually contradicts her.

Majority of Rotherham child exploitation suspects are white, claims new report – The Star
Do you remember! It was wasn’t true we were all proclaiming, and we all flipped, but it was leaked information that was to become the Drew report SYP. Note* below.

More importantly it included historical “spike” data as well, as a result of the Jay report.
Please feel free to read:

No bonus points for you:
Woody In your eyes I have gone from God to a taxi driver, you amaze me with your power of deduction.

I know where the number 1400 came from, so what do you know Woody.

Truth is the truth buddy.

Jay was in Rotherham with her meter running, and RMBC was paying, she said no coverup, apart from some incompetent fools.


Note* Hotspot has fallen in to a trap here, believing a single news story, without checking the facts, this story conflates apples and pears! Make your own mind up:

Spin over substance – the abuse of statistics

This week some information of a statistical nature, was given to the local press, Star and Advertiser, who swallowed the spin, hook line and sinker. Chris Burn of the Star, has admitted to me, he has not been able to … Continue reading

Claim that Rotherham CSE abusers predominantly white is Plain wrong

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‘Misleading’ claim on most Rotherham CSE abusers being white wrongly included in report

‘Misleading’ claim on most Rotherham CSE abusers being white wrongly included in report ‘Misleading’ figures that claimed the majority of Rotherham child sexual exploitation offenders were white were wrongly included in a major report on the town’s plan to tackle … Continue reading

Before statistics are used to make a point, is is best if they are understood.

8 thoughts on “Some clarity from Hotspot

  1. Yes, let’s be clear. Hotspot is a liar.

    The Star story he refers to was based on a Press release by Rotherham Council that had to be retracted later, as inaccurate. The retraction was widely reported, especially here on RothPol.

    Specifically, the Press release author confused Child Sexual Abuse with Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE.).

    The former includes a range of offenses including Paedophilia, incest and several others.

    The Jay Report (and Casey were looking very specifically at Child Sexual Exploitation, that is;

    ” Children in exploitative situations and relationships receive something such as gifts, money or affection as a result of performing sexual activities or others performing sexual activities on them.”

    No reputable body has ever said that Kashmiri men formed the highest proportion of Sexual Abusers.Though even by the the Star story, the percentage of sexual abuse by non-whites is alarmingly high when comparedto the relative population sizes.

    What is being said by Jay and Casey is that CSE in Rotherham, along with the drugs and other associated crime seem to be predominantly a kashmiri men’s crime. This is where the 1400 victims comes from.

    So Hotspot, whoever you are, i look forward to your future contributions in order to disprove the lies that you propagate. Thereby allowing us to keep CSE in the public spotlight and retain pressure on the Police and Council


  2. These views seem familiar, they are known to me collectively as the ‘Wilson delusions’, based as they are, on false grievances and greed!


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