False name speeding taxi driver fails in bid for freedom

A TAXI driver locked up after giving a false name when he was caught speeding, has failed in an Appeal Court bid for freedom.

Zahid Arif (25), of Renway Road, Broom, was clocked doing 38mph in a 30mph speed zone on July 26 last year, Mrs Justice Thirlwall told the London court.

But when the penalty notice was sent to the father-of-one he returned the form with a fictitious name, Imran Khan, and an address in Bradford.

Read on… http://www.rotherhamadvertiser.co.uk/news/104367/false-name-speeding-taxi-driver-fails-in-bid-for-freedom.aspx

More information spotted by Hotspot:

After making enquiries with Barnsley Taxi Licencing, it was found that Zahid was working at the time of the offence.

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9 thoughts on “False name speeding taxi driver fails in bid for freedom

  1. Hopefully the Licensing staff have revoked his taxi licence for life ! Mind you he will probably apply to Rossendale so he can re-join his dodgy mates who hang around The Homestead pub all day !


    • All yours against taxi drivers, next time u pissed out ya head, to drunk to know what your name is or where u are, dnt call a taxi, we see how far u get in life and with any luck ud be 6 feet under where u all piss heads belong


      • T. No ones against legal taxis registered in Rotherham it’s the 1s registering elsewhere working in Rotherham and the 1s raping and grooming young girls , you sound a very nice person ….


    • No …..the best solution is for us all to boycott these taxi companies PERMANENT LY……there are safe and respectable alternatives.


        • No…..just use your initiative and you’ll find local operators who are indigenous . Alternatively, buy a bike or find out what your feet are for…..and I don’t mean putting in your mouth. Personally, I’d walk blindfold before I’d patronise these people.


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