Landlord let flats without a licence

A LANDLORD has been handed a court bill of more than £15,000 for letting flats without a licence.

The Bristol-based portfolio holder was ordered to pay up by magistrates for failing to license a large block of 28 flats in Masbrough, one of Rotherham Borough Council’s selective licensing areas.

The company, MB Estate Limited, was gaining an unfair advantage over other landlords who are complying with the scheme by avoiding these checks and the £16,000 licensing fee for the large block at St John’s Court, Rotherham Magistrates’ Court heard.

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6 Responses to Landlord let flats without a licence

  1. Hotspot says:

    M B ESTATE LIMITED – Officers (free information from Companies House)

    Can’t fault RMBC for pursuance of a local by law.

  2. big bird . says:

    credit to council for having some back bone with this one .why do these people think a licence is not needed ?

  3. malcontent says:

    This property was previously sheltered housing owned by Anchor Housing. It was a well kept property with well tendered gardens, which weather permitting the residents used to sit in on a evening. There was never any trouble from the residents. Anchor moved the residents out and put
    the property up for sale at auction and it was bought quite cheaply by an Asian property company based in Bristol.
    They immediately put the 28 flats up for rent at £75 a week. They have not exercised any discretion as to who they let the flats to and it is now full of low-life scum. The gardens are full of rubbish, old mattresses and supermarket trolleys. The place looks filthy. I do hope these charming tenants wreck the joint and run up some big bills for the avaricious, absentee landlords.

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  5. reg reader says:

    Fuller Information on the owners can be found here:

  6. big bird . says:

    its about time rotherham council made a list of private landlords public the amount of private sector house’s who landlords remain faceless is shocking normal case is , this landlord lives down south and is nameless.

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