A small selection of the Wilson’s media work

A friend has just sent me these links, that showcase a small portion of the Wilson’s work in the media:

38 thoughts on “A small selection of the Wilson’s media work

  1. i like how your trying to goad me for the next party who is currently stalking me and has a serious obsession with me don’t worry I understand you have no friends so you taken the last option like I said yesterday I’m taking it all to solicitors oh yeah and when people say Information about me let’s say this … You idiots type me in Google and every story comes up lol another thing If anyone has a question please ask all one sided you rik throw what you want at me I can take it at least your leaving other survivors alone for day


  2. She had come to the attention of police through “Operation Czar” – an investigation into the sexual exploitation of children in Rotherham.

    She was friends with girls who were being groomed and sexually exploited, and was at the house of a man she described to social workers as a “pervert” when three Asian men entered and randomly fired an air pistol. Professor Cantrill.

    Read more at: http://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/news/murdered-mother-17-linked-to-sex-exploitation-gang-1-4595845

    If an expert witness was called, like professor Cantrill, and the studied SCR of child S was in question, on the law of probabilities it would appear that child S has been the victim of CSE.

    Operation Czar by the police would suggest the same.

    Somehow it also appears that a whole family has been coerced into believing honour killing above the truth, by whom and why?


    • They seem to have a vendetta against my family laura was never groomed she was at risk because of sarah and I am not going to let it rest until the truth is out there’s a six year old little girl that’s asking questions about her mummy and we only wan to tell her the truth who ever runs this site should be ashamed of themselves


  3. When are you going to stop thes people on rothpol attacking my family and other survivors it’s a disgrace there’s a six year old caught up in all of this and all we want is too be able to tell her the truth about what happened to her mummy laura Wilson and she was murdered not groomed now just let us tell the truth if it wasn’t for the lies jayne senior all the survivors would be as one she is nothing but a liar and not bothered about anyone but herself


  4. Laura was not groomed Laura and my files got mixed up when it had got realeased Joyce Thacker and “A” another came to my mums address coz of the file mix up I recorded every second of that meeting a full hour of them apologising to me about this situation and they don’t know how it had happened I had to sit there and watch my life be published for everyone to see how is it fair that I had to understand through my sisters murder that I wasn’t a slag I was abused all this is pathetic it explains it all in my book I also have a email of the head of safeguarding explaining that it wasn’t Laura that was a Cse victim that Infact it was her older sister “me” people ask why I’ve given my identity… Well there’s no hiding it is they lol and I don’t regret it one bit ./// I’m currently in the process of getting everything put right so my sister can rest doesn’t she deserve it after been stabbed 46 times and left to die while your 11 week old baby was at home with me ? She’s 6 now yes you know the age where they start hearing stuff that’s why I’m doing all the hard work I do for Cse not just for the next generation but also the truth for my niece for her and her mummy last year I was buzzing finally got the truth out its here no more stress just the reports to put right then bam someone popped up saying Laura was groomed to sell their book how is this fair on my family especially Laura’s daughter ! This is my last ever comment on Roth pol this is pathetic and a target site for who ever you may like on the day … If you had done your research properly maybe your question would have been so who’s telling the truth that person who I can’t mention or me ? I know I’ve nothing to hide neither does my family it was me in kids homes me that ran away me that was groomed not Laura the only time Laura ever went missing is when her life was taken you should be ashamed of yourself!!! I’m done I don’t have to explain myself again next time I do it will be in court !!


  5. We all know this is Gary dewick winding people up for a reaction. Karma is a bitch !! shame Jayne senior can’t say all this her self having to have lap dogs doing it lol more fool you. All this ypur doing will only effect lauras daughter when she is older its a disgrace you should be ashamed. A grown man at your age.grow up and get bk up jaynes arse


  6. I think once more Rotherham Council pond life that they are have well and truly sunk to the bottom of that very murky pond in which they live. That this kind of thing can be done in RMBC’s says it all. What are the people doing that should be policing this site Oh wait they are spitting their bile out all over it.


  7. I think once more Rotherham Council pond life that they are have well and truly sunk to the bottom of that very murky pond in which they live. That this kind of thing can be done in RMBC’s name says it all. What are the people doing that should be policing this site Oh wait they are spitting their bile out all over it.


  8. Readers, I must report on an earlier phone conversation I have had with Maggie Wilson at her instigation.
    To say it was an unpleasant experience, would be an understatement!
    It rapidly became clear Maggie was in no mood to listen to any point I made and her mind was made up already.
    She was clear on one point, she was going to shut this blog down?
    This unpleasant experience abruptly came to an end with her telling me to f*** off!


  9. I’m really sadden why this has been put up which ever friend is sending you this information must not be a very nice person. This family must have been through hell already at the pain of losing their daughter / sister and a young girl will grow up without her mum, I feel her mum is within her right to tell you where to go and I would have had a few more choice words for yourself.

    I don’t understand the relevance of the post been created other than a personal attack on this family may you hang your head in shame, attacking a young girl who’s no longer here to defend herself and a family who’s been through hell and back I wish you all the best with your future.

    Rik please sort this blog out used to be a good discussion page now just seems to be an attempt on attacking people from behind a keyboard.


    • This post started as links emailed to me, in answer to a frustration on the part of Sarah and Maggie Wilson, that their own story was being obscured. It was in that spirit they were sent to me and it was published by me in that spirit too.
      The reaction has been disproportionate in my view and no one likes abusive phone calls, such as I had from Maggie Wilson earlier.


      • Imagine how abused you would feel if you had been through what the Wilsons have. It’s terrible that you have attacked a grieving mother, a survivor of CSE and a young girl who was brutally taken away, not to mention Laura Wilsons child. No wonder you hide behind your keyboard. I would do the same if I was as shameful as you. You have turned CSE and the terrible abuse of 1400 children into a laughing stock on this blog. I say all the survivors of CSE get together and create a WordPress blog about CSE in Rotherham. Let’s get the real truth printed, from the people who know what’s happening.


        • No you haven’t but you are saying Maggie Wilson was abusive to you. How abused would you feel if you was her reading this post? what gives people the right to comment on anyone’s dead child. Did you know Laura? Do you know the Wilson family? Have you ever thought about how soul destroying it must be for a parent to lose a child? The murder of a young girl and the abuse of children is not about politics so why put it on here for everyone to comment on!


  10. I wasn’t abusive I just told you to f off for not sorting this out its not fare that people can say what they want about laura because she is no longer here like you said laura hasn’t got a voice but her family have all I have ever wanted is the truth


      • How would you react Dave if someone seems to be mocking your dead child, I find this cruel and disturbing that a blog wants to attack this family let them try to move forward.
        I hope you can remember happy memories of Laura and not these disgusting people dragging her name through the mud when she can’t speak for herself.
        Very disrespectful.


  11. From a comment left by Hotspot, above: “Somehow it also appears that a whole family has been coerced into believing honour killing above the truth, by whom and why?” No one has yet addressed this question?

    See: https://rotherhampolitics.wordpress.com/2016/09/05/a-small-selection-of-the-wilsons-media-work/#comment-59213

    I am sure my usual piece of advice, follow the money, would pay dividends here too?

    I am afraid trying to get ‘the sympathy vote’ is just a smokescreen and should be ignored, no matter how painful they are to read, they are still bogus!


  12. Perhaps we can make this constructive. Rik (?) I am unsure what the spirit of this post or the information sent to you was, but the impression received by the reader is not positive. In particular since there seems to be no purpose to the post other than the Wilsons’ perception of being attacked. It is understandable how some readers could gather that impression.

    The Wilsons are asking us to take an awful lot on faith when they claim the child S case is actually a composite file of both Laura’s and Sarah’s information. They are however quite upfront about Laura being considered at risk due to her connection with Sarah. It does seem odd that RLSCB would have acted entirely properly in this instance against a long catalogue of failures over many years in other cases only for RLSAB to make such a grievous error when carrying out the SCR.

    What is clear is that whatever the findings of the child S SCR, Laura Wilson’s case (as reported in the above articles) does not fit the general pattern of CSE in Rotherham as described in the Norfolk articles, evidence to HAC, in Jay and in the books of Sarah Wilson and Emma Jackson.


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