Rotherham anti-fracking group to meet

AN ANTI-FRACKING group will hold a public meeting in Kimberworth next week as firms consider possibly using parts of Rotherham to extract shale gas.

Rotherham Against Fracking will hold the meeting at The Green Dragon, Kimberworth, on Tuesday, September 13, from 7.30pm.

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10 Responses to Rotherham anti-fracking group to meet

  1. Bob says:

    Deafening silence again from the council.

    Will the cllrs jump in bed with the MPs and fracking firms ?

  2. Colin Tawn says:

    There is no history of shale fracking in Britain, consequently the anti frackers protest about something none of us has knowledge or experience of.
    A distinction can be made between conventional or low-volume hydraulic fracturing used to stimulate high-permeability reservoirs to frack a single well, and unconventional or high-volume hydraulic fracturing, used in the completion of tight gas and shale gas wells as unconventional wells are deeper and require higher pressures than conventional vertical wells. In addition to hydraulic fracturing of vertical wells, it is also performed in horizontal wells. When done in already highly permeable reservoirs such as sandstone-based wells, the technique is known as “well stimulation”.
    So are the anti’s protesting about low volume or high volume fracking? Rock or Shale fracking?
    Hydraulic Fracturing aka ‘Fracking’ was first used in the 1950’s so it is nothing new.

    • Bob says:

      Suggest you research the issue and learn the lessons from our american communities.
      Too late after the event.

      They will not be doing this in the cotswolds and shires

      • reg reader says:

        “They will not be doing this in the cotswolds and shires” Oh no?

        Wood Barn Farm, Adversane Lane, West Chiltington, Billingshurst, West Sussex RH14, UK – Shale.

        Bury Hill Wood, Coldharbour Ln, Dorking, Surrey RH5 6HB, UK – Shale.

        Horse Hill, Horley, Surrey RH6 0HN, UK

        Whilst I respect Colin’s understanding of the processes, I can’t forget the earthquakes over in Lancashire and yes, the US experience. Neither do I trust the UK Gov to regulate anything.
        What is fracking and why is it controversial?

      • Colin Tawn says:

        ‘learn the lessons from our american communities’
        I suggest you learn the difference between American and British geology.

        As I posted there is no history of fracking in Britain and no sane person would base their objections on heresay and anecdotes mainly from Canada and the USA.

        In the Nottinghamshire village of Beckingham fields have been fracked for oil and gas for decades.
        The occasional passing tanker is one of the few clues that oil is being extracted from under the ground. Next to the fields is Beckingham Marshes, a wet grassland habitat managed by the RSPB.
        The charity has objected to fracking for shale gas in Lancashire and West Sussex but has not objected to fracking at Beckingham Marshes.
        Why not? Because Shale fracking and fracking are two different things.

        No UK resident has any first hand knowledge of shale fracking in Britain and although I agree we need to know a lot more about fracking we also know Britain is reliant on massive imports of LNG,oil,coal and electricity from other countries and we are at the mercy of exchange rates and political mood swings.

  3. Woody says:

    It’s totally safe

  4. Ged says:


    Please refer to

    The Frack Free Dearne Valley campaign aims to stop fracking destroying this beautiful regenerated area. The campaign aims to bring together all those opposed to plans …

  5. kev says:

    Some of our local MPs support fracking against their communities and are invisible from the protests like most Cllrs. Pass the brown envelopes.

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