Those who hold others to account, must themselves be accountable

“Those who hold others to account, must themselves be accountable” Keith Vaz

The Advertiser has featured the story of complaints being made against Jayne Senior by unidentified persons:

CSE whistleblower under investigation over complaints

CHILD sex abuse whistleblower Jayne Senior is being investigated after complaints were made to Rotherham Borough Council.

Mrs Senior was elected as a Labour member of the authority in May but the Advertiser understands the allegations relate to her role as chief executive of Swinton Lock Activity Centre.

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Some clues as to the motivation of the main complainants may be found amongst the many comments that have been left on two previous posts:


Amid the hullabaloo over the Keith Vaz scandal, Vaz succeeded in reminding us of a fundamental truth, “Those who hold others to account, must themselves be accountable!”

There must be clarity from those who would accuse others of profiteering from the whole child exploitation scandal?

If Seniors accusers wish to be taken seriously, they will need to go public on their own earnings, from book income to speaking engagements for the last two years, this would demonstrate their own openness, transparency and financial probity?

Deep Throat

6 thoughts on “Those who hold others to account, must themselves be accountable

  1. I thought Rik had closed this string so why are you trying to open it again? Who asked you to? Why ? When? Where? And How?

    Leave the council finish their work and stop goading people.


    • You seem to be labouring under a misapprehension there?
      I decided to close comments on that post when I judged all arguments exhausted. No one but me, was involved in the decision to close comments.
      This post explores an altogether different set of issues and again the decision to publish was mine alone!
      You are trying to close down any debate on the issue of accountability, why would that be?


  2. “The CPS decided not to charge him, due to the perceived unreliability of one of the prosecution witnesses”, Jay report.

    When too many variables are there, in all honesty it doesn’t help other victims receive the justice that they so desperately need.

    A hindrance to natural justice?


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