HS2 in South Yorkshire: Rotherham Council opposes line

Rotherham Council has opposed a proposed amendment to the route of the HS2 rail line in South Yorkshire.

The present line put forward by HS2 goes through the villages of Aston and Bramley in Rotherham.

At a Town Hall meeting, councillors voted against the plans, but rejected a push to persuade the government to abolish the HS2 project entirely.

An amendment was agreed by the Labour-led council to instead work with other councils to find the best way forward.

Read on… http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-south-yorkshire-37297765

South Yorkshire HS2 decision based on incomplete data

HS2 Ltd admits it proposed new route without completing assessment of resulting demolition or noise pollution

The new HS2 rail route through South Yorkshire was proposed without full consideration of noise pollution or mass housing demolition, the company behind the high-speed link has admitted.

HS2 Ltd, which is responsible for the development and delivery of the UK’s HS2 network, altered its planned route through the region in July. Following lobbying from Sheffield politicians, HS2 Ltd recommended that the service be run through the city’s main railway station instead of the Meadowhall shopping centre, resulting in the demolition of a £30m estate of 212 family homes in Mexborough, between Rotherham and Doncaster.

The company said the decision had been made to achieve reductions in costs, the number of homes it would need to demolish and the noise impact, but information obtained through a freedom of information request show the company is yet to complete its assessment of how many demolitions the new line will require and the levels of noise pollution it will produce.

Read on…https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2016/sep/10/south-yorkshire-hs2-decision-based-on-incomplete-data

HS2 boss quits before key decision on high-speed rail project

Simon Kirby announces departure as transport secretary is due to decide on phase two of controversial network

The boss of HS2, the company behind the UK’s planned £55bn high-speed rail network, has announced he is leaving just weeks before the transport secretary is expected to make a key decision on the controversial project’s future.

Simon Kirby, who reportedly earns £750,000 a year as chief executive at Europe’s largest infrastructure project, is to become chief operating officer at the engineering firm Rolls-Royce.

Anti-HS2 campaigners accused Kirby of “getting out before the true scale of the mess he has presided over is realised”.

Chris Grayling, who was recently appointed as transport secretary by Theresa May, is expected to make a decision on phase two of the route, from the West Midlands to Leeds and Manchester, this autumn.

In June, the National Audit Office said HS2 could be delayed by a year, with the 2026 target date for opening phase one between London and the West Midlands being “at risk”.

Read on… https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2016/sep/10/hs2-boss-quits-before-key-decision-on-high-speed-rail-project

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4 Responses to HS2 in South Yorkshire: Rotherham Council opposes line

  1. Just to repeat: Rotherham UKIP are against this train entering Yorkshire
    Labour councillors are just doing what they are told to do, knowing that Sheffield will get the train if WE don’t stop it.

    UKIP offered logical low cost plans for existing NON HS2 routes but Labour showed their usual arrogance/ignorance by shutting their ears THREE times…
    As a reminder; Transpennine to Manchester and Airport, in around 1 hour, are NOW spending £5 Million (with FREE Wi-Fi in stations and trains with electric sockets at every air-conditioned seat)
    And Earmarked electrification of Sheffield to London will provide an apx. 1:40 travel time. So why the **** is Labour procrastinating with ammendments?! AND WHY is the ADVERTISER seemingly going along with this –
    bizzar. (is the Advertiser just for Labour headlines or does it offer its stakeholder readers a fair assessment of what is actually best for them!)

    They also show total disrespect for working people who will suffer the disruption of commuting or simply getting from A to B

    Give Yorkshire the money and let all of the area decide how it should be spent,
    no matter who they vote for!

  2. Timawells says:

    Time to shut down the HS2 project, which will just cause more of a London brain drain, having worked in London I don’t understand why people would want to anyway. The money needs to be spent on rebalancing the economy.

  3. Peter says:

    Unlike cllrs and MPs most labour members and supporters are also against HS2.

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