Labour’s shock Sheffield by-election defeat ‘not about Jeremy Corbyn’, says Lib Dem winner

The woman who won a surprise Sheffield by-election victory over Labour has insisted that Jeremy Corbyn was not the reason for her success.

Liberal Democrat Gail Smith made the comments after being elected to represent the Mosborough ward in a by-election called following the death of Labour councillor Isobel Bowler earlier this year.

In a surprise result, she beat Labour party candidate and current Stocksbridge town councillor Julie Grocutt – just months after the Lib Dems came fourth in the ward.

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Previously including full result: Lib Dems defeat Labour in Sheffield Council by-election

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9 Responses to Labour’s shock Sheffield by-election defeat ‘not about Jeremy Corbyn’, says Lib Dem winner

  1. Fred Mason says:

    This is a brilliant win for the Lib Dems, coming from 4th to 1st in a number of months.
    Labour are disrespecting the public, with the continual fighting among themselves, letting the Tories run rampant. They forget that the public have not voted for a socialist government since 1974.
    Any electable Labour opposition would be cleaning up in any election they participate in. The Tories are making horrific cuts and destroying the country, and all Labour can do is say, “well I didn’t like New Labour, so I’d rather not be in power than to be anything like that”.
    Disgusting behaviour from Labour.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Was this result about Corbyn or about Labour’s record of managing Sheffield? It does look as though voters of all parties have decided to coalesce behind the Lib-Dems in this case as they are the main opposition to Labour in Sheffield. There appears to have been a similar scenario in a recent by-election to Stockton Council where Labour lost a seat to the Conservatives which they would have expected to win. One suspects that voters are becoming more sophisticated so expect more unusual results.

  3. Labour man says:

    Labour MPs were told by members that tjeirvactions would lead to this due to their squalid voup and plotting.

    People are fed up of people who do not come from the area being parachuted in whether MPs or Cllrs. It shows contempt for the voters and community.

  4. Colin Tawn says:

    ‘fed up of people who do not come from the area being parachuted in’
    That tells you a lot about the CLP’s opinion of local candidates and the Labour party failed to get enough boots on the ground to prevent the loss of this seat.

    • Timawells says:

      Why didn’t UKIP try and win this seat? I am sure it was seat for the taking.

      • Fred Mason says:

        Word on the ground is that UKIP did. They tried really hard to win it. But couldn’t.

        • Timawells says:

          I went out to help UKIP when they were trying to win Brightside and Hillsborough, rather than approaching the residents shopping in Hillsborough corner, they thought flying a football crowd was the answer, remember most going to the football match aren’t from Hillsborough. We may as well have been talking to a brick wall.

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