How cull of MPs’ constituencies will affect Yorkshire

MASSIVE CHANGES to Commons constituencies are being announced on Tuesday as part of plans to reduce the number of MPs from 650 to 600 – with Labour expected to be hardest hit.

The initial boundary alteration proposals for England and Wales follow those for Northern Ireland which were disclosed last week. Plans for Scotland are due to be published on October 20.

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Jeremy Corbyn’s parliamentary seat ‘could be abolished’

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s seat in Parliament could be abolished under proposals from the Boundary Commission for England.

Mr Corbyn represents the Islington North constituency in London, and much of it is expected to form part of a new Finsbury Park and Stoke Newington seat.

Mr Corbyn would be entitled to seek selection as Labour’s candidate.

A source close to the Labour leader said there was “every reason to believe Jeremy will have a seat to contest”.

The total number of MPs is to be reduced from 650 to 600 under government plans.

The boundary commissions for England and Wales are drawing up plans for new constituencies, with proposed details being published on Tuesday.

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Boundary Commission 2018 review:

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21 Responses to How cull of MPs’ constituencies will affect Yorkshire

  1. Pity the same cull of useless political mouths but on a larger scale doesn’t extend to Rotherham Borough Councillors

  2. Anonymous says:

    A review of Parliamentary Boundaries is overdue. There is considerable disparity in the numbers of electors in seats across the country so it is logical to seek to equalise them and in any case that is in accordance with the terms of reference of the Boundary Commission. Some Labour politicians might cry foul but when in Government they did not change the way in which the Boundary Commission operates.

  3. poetmorgan says:

    That’s a little emotive. In the past there have been complaints of too many MPs with snouts in the trough.
    Reducing from 650 to 600 is a haircut not mass killing. The idea of equal size seats makes each vote equal. Nothing wrong with that. In at least one location this is a problem and that is the Isle of Wight. Not much chance for Labour there.
    Frankly I am unmoved by this.
    Take a look at Congressional seat boundaries in the USA. They really know how to carve things up!

  4. Timawells says:

    The democratic process would be far fairer if proportional representation was adopted. M.P’s could still be elected to represent their constituencies. E.g, Each Conservative M.P. would then have the total number of votes the Tories received, divided by total elected Tory M.P’s. This would ensure that every vote counted. The only reason this isn’t happening is that Labour and Conservatives want to hang onto the unfair democratic process, because they are currently guaranteed to be in power every 10 or so years.

  5. Timawells says:

    Can anybody say what it would specifically mean for Rothervalley? I am wondering if S25 could be transferred across to Bassetlaw, as we have a far greater connection with them and they are far better run authority.

    • reg reader says:

      Under the recommendations, Rother Valley Constituency will consist of the following borough councils:
      Anston and Woodsetts
      from Rotherham and
      from Sheffield.
      (… and it loses Rother Vale to the Rotherham Constituency )

  6. reg reader says:

    Rotherham Constituency will consist of :
    Boston Castle
    Rother Vale
    Rotherham East
    Rotherham West

    Wentworth and Dearne will consist of :
    from Rotherham and
    Hoyland Milton
    from Barnsley

  7. ken says:

    bye to the wickersley mob. sue ellis, hoddinnuts and healey

    • reg reader says:

      I really tried hard to answer Tim’s question and then, for completeness, create a list of the other proposed changes that would affect Rotherham constituencies.
      So why not try to explain in far more detail what you mean by “bye to the wickersley mob. sue ellis, hoddinnuts and healey”


  8. Colin Tawn says:

    The Labour party really should not complain about the recommendations of the Boundary Commission. They had 13 years in government to offer a better voting system than FPTP but they didn’t simply because it won them three GE’s.

  9. Fred Mason says:

    This is for parliamentary elections (MP). Not for council (Cllr). So Mosborough will have Sheffield City Councillors but be in Rother Valley parliamentary constituency.

  10. poetmorgan says:

    Also the commission do respond to proposals if a good case can be put for any ammendments to their draft proposals.
    They generally stick to ward boundaries but will cross district boundaries but not county boundaries.

    • Bob says:

      I think you will find that the dearne wards that were part of barnsley east or with wentworth will be a dogs breakfast.
      Dearne north and south will be split up into different Clps. I believe some will go in with hemsworth which is west yorkshire – so crosses county boundaries etc?

  11. Albion says:

    An opportunity to clear out the dead wood, lets use the criteria that those who voted for the Iraq war should be barred from going forward to any selection process, would this be relevant to our three local MPs?

    A little ironic to watch the three Stoke MPs blather on about how they will have to compete for the two places in the new Stoke constituencies, makes you wonder if they ever considered the impact of individuals and their families when they along with their colleagues supported the downsizing of public sector organisations or remained tight lipped when private sector jobs were off shored to India etc.

    What goes around comes around springs to mind.

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