Icelandic scheme to tackle child sex abuse could be brought to West Yorkshire

The children’s commissioner for England says she is hopeful that a pioneering Icelandic method of preventing child sex abuse can be established in West Yorkshire.

Anne Longfield says creating a ‘Barnahus’ could double the number of child sexual abuse convictions in West Yorkshire and spoke on the subject last week at a meeting in Wakefield.

The concept has been in operation in Iceland since 1998. When child abuse is suspected all the services for victims are provided under one roof. These include the forensic interview, medical examination and child or family therapy.

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4 thoughts on “Icelandic scheme to tackle child sex abuse could be brought to West Yorkshire

  1. ‘When child abuse is suspected all the services for victims are provided under one roof.’
    I can forsee RMBC making a complete horlicks of this idea.
    I’d support schemes to protect vulnerable children but RMBC suffers from a lack of suitably
    qualified and caring staff to undertake this project. Recent history shows us ex councillors-even those with Social Work experience-failed miserably to protect children at risk.
    Empathising with and helping children who have been abused requires specially trained staff not overpromoted councillors who think they can do the job.
    This project requires specialists and should be as far removed from council control and oversight as is possible.


  2. I viewed the RMBC webcast this week Colin…. And noted the gentleman ( can’t remember his name) stated due to lack of specialised trained staff 2 children’s homes were being closed down.. I wondered what made them so sure that placing them in foster homes was giving them specialised care. These traumatised children will be the new family’s responsibilty 24/7. …. No going home and letting someone else take over.
    Councilors have no concept of what it is like to run a family home of several children and having a foster child ( or any child) out of control which appears to be what was happening in Rotherham’s children’s home. A wise lady from the public question time said, it is better to train supervising staff than put a child into a foster home environment…. It is foolish to imagine that these children will be welcomed as part of the family who may find what was once a happy home has now turned into a war zone…. It does happen…. Often.
    Kids know instinctively when they are loved and wanted and when they are not…We must remember that some people see fostering as an income source. My own view ( from personal experience) is it is far better to keep brothers and sisters together in a properly run state home than split them up and farm them out to different families… Disastrous for the kids concerned.
    RMBC’s track record of removing immigrant children from experienced foster parents because they were (supposedly UKIP activists) indicates deciding the well being of hurt children is an area they ought to tread very carefully.
    Many years ago we fostered a boy at holiday times. Nice holidays in nice places and Christmas time gifts were carefully chosen to make him feel like one of our own children…. The longing to be with his siblings got the better of him and he swore at us all and biffed all his Christmas gifts up the garden…. It was just a hurt child’s way of saying “I just want to be with my brother and sisters”


  3. Linda and Colin, very good analysis, but there is so much more, and it proves people in authority just simply don’t have a clue.

    We understand the importance of the subject matter raised in West Yorkshire, and it is very relevant not localy but nationally.

    We have shown in recent history to have shown that, people are seen to be doing something, just for the sake of doing it.

    A bit off topic, binge drinking:

    Use doctors, prove drinking is associated with liver failure.

    Try to explain that, the reason for binge drinking is associated with closing times.

    The real truth:

    24hr shopping had to stop the sale of alcohol.

    Would you believe it relaxed licensing laws, haven’t curbed binge drinking (intrinsically linked to our heritage now), and neither have they reduced the number of people with alcohol related liver disease, in actual fact an increase.

    Tesco don’t report any problems with closing the alcohol lanes anymore?

    Coming back on subject:

    We need to look at Icelandic model, why!

    The NHS is the service provider.

    National Service Guidelines for Developing Sexual Assault Referral Centres (SARCs) October 2005

    Victims of Violence and Abuse Prevention Programme:

    ●The joint Department of Health and National Institute for Mental Health in England Victims of Violence and Abuse Prevention Programme (VVAPP) is working in partnership with the Home Office to develop evidence-based interventions that address the health, mental health and other related needs of individuals affected by domestic violence, child sexual abuse, rape and sexual assault, and sexual exploitation in prostitution, pornography and trafficking. It covers victims, survivors and abusers, including children, adolescents and adults both male and female.

    ●SARC services in London have taken the form of three ‘Havens’ in Camberwell, Paddington and Whitechapel, established within existing NHS sexual health services, but located in a non-stigmatising environment. The Havens are an important model because they are health based but funded 50-50 by the Metropolitan Police and a consortium of the London area PCTs. In this arrangement, each PCT contribution is in the region of £35k per annum, pooled to provide a high quality affordable London-wide service.

    An example up and running in November 2006:

    A revolutionary service for victims of sexual assault is to open in Glasgow after a public outcry over the low conviction rate in rape cases.

    Rotherham’s SARC
    The Rotherham Foundation Trust
    Moorgate Road
    South Yorkshire
    S60 2UD

    South Yorkshire Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC) – Contact us

    The NHS are no longer the provider for the SARC. The new provider is Mountainhealthcare and can be contacted on 
    0330 2230938 / 0330 223 319

    South Yorkshire SARC (Sexual Assault Referral Centre) | Rotherham SARC

    So as a matter of fact, somebody selling old rope.


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