labour leadership contest – My response to the suspension letter I received from the Labour Party

My response to the suspension letter I received from the Labour Party

Ref: A072750
Notice of administrative suspension from holding office or representing the Labour Party
7th July 2016

Dear Comrade McNicol,

With reference to the above.

I have deliberated the contents of your letter to me, and would make the following comments.

I will not allow the Labour Party to dictate to me what I can or cannot say, either by speech or in writing. The Labour Party does not have the right to dictate my opinions or attempt to curtail my right to express them in any lawful way I feel fit. In Great Britain I am afforded the privilege of freedom of speech fought for by my forefathers and I will continue to use that privilege.

I have considered carefully the benefits of remaining a member and have concluded that that retaining my freedom of speech much outweighs any benefit which may be gained from remaining a member of an autocratic dictatorial body such as yours.

I say ‘yours’ because the Labour Party of which I was a member for 30+ years before Blair, was owned and run by its members – not the faceless autocrats who seem to have total control now. I was Branch secretary for over 10 of those years, and a delegate to CLP, DLP, Labour Group and many other bodies. I always abided by member’s decisions even if I personally was of a different view. At no time during those years did the Party attempt to ‘gag’ me from a personal opinion or to stop me expressing it.

Therefore, you may save any further membership fees being used to fund witch-hunts and curtail freedom of speech and opinion by cancelling my membership with immediate effect.

Just another ignored constituent

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