South Yorkshire Chief Constable ‘unfairly dismissed over Hillsborough’

The chief constable who was suspended in the wake of the Hillsborough inquests was “unfairly” dismissed, a police chief has said.

David Crompton lost his job at the head of South Yorkshire Police after the inquest into the deaths of 96 football fans ruled that police conduct contributed to or caused the disaster.

Concerns about public trust and confidence in the under-fire force led to his suspension on April 27.

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Ousting of Hillsborough police chief ‘unreasonable’

The chief constable ousted over the Hillsborough disaster has been backed by Sir Tom Winsor, the chief inspector of constabulary.

Sir Tom strongly criticised the decision to suspend David Crompton, the head of South Yorkshire police, after the Hillsborough inquests.

He wrote that the move by Alan Billings, the area’s police and crime commissioner, was “conspicuously unfair, disproportionate and so unreasonable that I cannot understand how the PCC has reached this view”.

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