Council approves closure of two children’s homes

A REGIONAL agency will be used for children’s residential care after Rotherham Borough Council shuts two of its three remaining homes.

RMBC commissioner Patricia Bradwell approved the closure of Silverwood in Sunnyside and Cherry Tree House in Kimberworth, saving £1.2 million a year.

More than 60 of Rotherham’s 453 looked-after children are in residential homes and council bosses hope to cut this figure by recruiting more foster carers.

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2 thoughts on “Council approves closure of two children’s homes

  1. The regional agency will need paying to care for the children. Is RMBC claiming that the agency costs £1.2m less to look after the children than it costs RMBC? Where do the ‘savings’ come from unless a) corners are cut and the children receive a lesser quality of care, or b) RMBC was grossly inefficient and incompetent. If b) applies, even in part, for how long has RMBC been failing the children? Can the above be applied to Sheffield?


  2. Specialist children’s homes say they struggle to provide the very best care for children and young people when councils are ‘constantly driving down fees’

    September 16, 2013 in Children, Residential childcare

    Nearly 70% of children’s homes cannot afford to provide outstanding care | Community Care

    Isn’t this what OFSTED said about Rotherham care homes recently.


    What is this £5.2m for?

    Rotherham council receives £5 million boost to improve services and recruit social workersThe Department for Communities and Local Government has given the council more money to help “deliver real change” in the troubled council

    by Luke Stevenson on January 12, 2016 in Children,

    Out of sight, out of mind, the commissioners are running circles around cllr’s, our way or the highway, no scrutiny at RMBC.

    Rotherham council tax rise to help pay for child protection work – The Star

    Every thing is about plugging a deficit, too big for Rotherham


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