Suspended Chief Constable “should resign or retire” – panel

SUSPENDED Chief Constable David Crompton should be told to step down or retire, a panel of councillors has ruled.

The county police and crime panel met to decide the fate of Mr Crompton, who was placed on suspension in April, and have now recommended to police and crime commissioner Dr Alan Billings that his should leave his post permanently.

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South Yorkshire Police Chief Constable’s suspension backed by panel

The decision to suspend the Chief Constable of South Yorkshire Police has won the backing of the region’s Police and Crime Panel (PCP).

David Crompton was suspended by Crime Commissioner Dr Alan Billings after the Hillsborough inquests due to “eroding trust and confidence” in the force.

The PCP said it had concluded Dr Billings “should call upon” Mr Crompton to either resign or retire.

Dr Billings will consider the response before making a final decision.

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South Yorkshire Police chief “must go after catastrophic Hillsborough statement”

Members of a policing scrutiny panel have called on South Yorkshire’s embattled chief constable David Crompton to be dismissed because of his “catastrophic error of judgement” after the verdict in the new Hillsborough disaster inquests.

The South Yorkshire Police and Crime Panel has recommended that police commissioner Dr Alan Billings should call for the retirement or resignation of Mr Crompton, who was suspended in April.

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3 Responses to Suspended Chief Constable “should resign or retire” – panel

  1. Janet Green says:

    Well, it seems that the Panel has got one decision right!

    But that leaves the Chief Inspector, Sir Tom Winsor, with egg all over his face after he’d said there were no grounds for sacking the Chief Constable.

  2. Byeck says:

    Bearing in mind that Mr Crompton was not in office at the time of Hillsborough, perhaps those councillors who were in office when CSE was happening and deemed ‘Not fit for purpose’
    will set him an example?

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