Healey secures promise on HS2 station

PROPOSALS FOR a second South Yorkshire station along the route of the planned high speed rail line are set to take a significant step forward.

Wentworth and Dearne MP John Healey has been promised the Government will commission a study into the idea of a station on the HS2 line as it runs close to the existing M18 motorway.

HS2 chairman Sir David Higgins floated the idea in a report earlier this year as he recommended the scrapping of the previous plan for a station at Meadowhall serving the whole of South Yorkshire.

Read on… http://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/news/healey-secures-promise-on-hs2-station-1-8142332

10 thoughts on “Healey secures promise on HS2 station

  1. Can’t he get into his thick head,we do not want a station,we do not need this new rail line. Ask the people whose propertys are going to be demolished for this white elephant that is not needed


    • Time for a Change

      Healey is, and always will be, the epitome of the political ‘Fence Sitter’. Check out his voting record. It speaks volumes.

      Even now, he won’t stand up and nail his colours to the mast to protect the interests and livelihoods of the people of Rotherham some of whom are his constituents but all of them are voters and he chooses to airbrush.

      The devastation caused by this Tory vanity project is not restricted to the designated rail route but far beyond into those areas and communities in its wake.

      He tries to play it both ways. Just like Rotherham Labour councillors who want the Tory Vanity Project HS2 but are ‘not sure about the new South Yorkshire route’. Sucking up to Chris Grayling is a pathetic move by Healey and even more so by his Labour councillor mates. Shame on them.

      Yes, it has been evident for far too long that Healey and his Labour councillors are utterly thick. WE DO NOT WANT HS2, WHETHER IT IS AMENDED OR HEALEY SUGGESTING A STATION ALONGSIDE THE M18.

      How many times does he and his ilk need reminding as he chooses not to listen?

      Roll on the Labour leadership result and Corbyn deselecting the likes of Healey who has never represented his constituents with integrity, honesty or compassion.

      Boundary changes will serve to heighten further Healey’s vulnerability. The Dearne will disappear into Doncaster (Thurnscoe and Hickleton) with Goldthorpe and Bolton -on – Dearne moving into Barnsley.

      In addition, he’s selling up, so why should he care about HS2’s amended route apart from going through the motions of making a few minor media utterences?

      Healey is a joke, provides no real value as an MP, human being or advocate for the ordinary person.

      He has never had much energy for taking action only for looking after his own interests aka ‘I’m alright Jack’.

      He needs to remember that people have sharp memories and even better recall.

      Good luck Jeremy Corbyn. Do your will and sort out Healey and the other arrogant Blairites.

      The fence sitter is finished along with his long time First Class seat on his personal gravy train.


      • I agree with most of your sentiments TFaC but you forgot to mention this:
        In January 2009 the Labour government (led by Ed Miliband) established High Speed Two Limited (HS2 Ltd), chaired by Sir David Rowlands to examine the case for a new high-speed line and present a potential route between London and the West Midlands.

        It was originally a Labour ‘vanity project’ destined to be part of the ‘TENS’ network.
        Blame should be apportioned equally.


  2. Why doesn’t he get behind his constituents and campaign against HS2 they don’t want this white elephant and he campaigns. For an extra station got his own agenda he is there to represent his constituents but that’s a dirty word for labour at the moment ???!


  3. As a labour member and like many labour voters against this latest political folly.

    It is £50 billion at 2011 prices and will balloon well beyond this – as trident and the chinese nuclear plant will too.

    We would be more beneficial to have joined up thinking and open up more community train stations. Places like darfield, maltby and wath have gone backwards with transport and no train station to serve communities.

    Most people will neither be served by HS2 or be able to afford to travel on it.

    The small saving on time will be swallowed up by sitting on gridlocked roads and lack of an integrated travel policy whilst being an environmental disaster for its route.

    Its time that it was ditched together with the tory lite sheffield city region who are pushing for this with some MPs.


    • On about ditching hs2 and instead investing in a publicly owned railway where communities will have access rather than the 3rd rate privatised system that is run for the benefit of the balance sheet and so they can trouser £100s millions of state subsidy into branston and others pockets.

      This may help to get more people off gridlocked roads.

      We can invest in more rolling stock that will also benefit manufacturing.


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