Sarah Champion MP: the quiet heroine changing our world

Who’d want to swap places with Labour politician Sarah Champion? The MP for Rotherham and Red Women of the Year 2015 judge either spends her days campaigning for the victims of sexual exploitation or navigating the challenges of Westminster’s outdated traditions. Yet, as Janice Turner discovers, there’s no better woman for the job

It’s Budget Day when I meet Sarah Champion for our interview in Westminster and George Osborne is already on his feet. ‘Shouldn’t you be in there?’ I ask, as we pass a TV monitor.

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9 Responses to Sarah Champion MP: the quiet heroine changing our world

  1. David smith says:

    Very slow at helping constituents sent a enquiry at beginning of august still waiting for a reply

  2. Rotherlad says:

    More interested in Palestine than Rotherham more self publicity

  3. Truth and justice says:

    Did not Justice Jayne Senior win an award from the same “RED” magazine? Was there any chance, and I don’t know, if Saint Sarah was on the panel.

    Observations please

    • Ginger Nut says:

      Truth and Justice
      Yes, Champion is on the Red panel and Senior was nominated for the ‘Red Outsanding Woman of the year 2016’ and this was reported in ‘Red’ magazine recently..

      Soon after the reporting Senior’s ‘nomination’ had mysteriously disappeared.

      Champion needs to be squeaky clean about her ‘conflicts of interest’ whilst she is preoccupied chasing the camera lens.

  4. reg reader says:

    Published 18 months ago and probably covered on Rothpol then.

    This is that latest press piece regarding Rotherham’s MP Sarah Champion:

    Rotherham cuts threaten obesity clinic set up after Jamie Oliver campaign

    • rothpol says:

      Red Magazine again publicised this story in the build up to this years awards announcement.
      Jayne Senior is a shortlisted candidate again this year, so I published it too.

  5. S Thornton says:

    I recall Saint Sarah basically having a go at RMBC over the decision to cut the obesity funding. This was straight after the piece by “Der Leader” bleating on about Government cuts and how we have no choice. ( the decision to cut this particular funding is in the gift of RMBC labour Councillors, he forgot to mention that).
    Saint Sarah is all over the place, its not the first time that this Labour MP has criticised RMBC labour Councillors in Public, and what with her flip flopping over Jezza,. I predict she will drop herself in it in the not too distant future.

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