Labour MPs are finally accepting the terrifying victory of Jeremy Corbyn’s mass movement

At lunchtime tomorrow, most Labour MPs will be sinking to a new depth of despair. The party will announce the results of a leadership challenge that was intended to either weaken or depose Jeremy Corbyn but will instead make him stronger than ever. The race has been decided by a Labour Party now 70 per cent composed of people who signed up after last year’s general election, delighted with the direction of the Corbyn project and convinced that he’s going to win. We have just witnessed something unprecedented in Western democracy: the takeover not just of a party’s leadership, but of its membership.

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12 thoughts on “Labour MPs are finally accepting the terrifying victory of Jeremy Corbyn’s mass movement

  1. Interesting times – People say Corbyn is unelectable but he is at least, recognizable. Owen Smith (any relation, Dave?) is a total non-entity, a faceless Blairite who, when it comes to policy, actually says much the same central themes as Jezza. The Labour party have got so close to the Tories that they have become indistinguishable, and in the last election people decided that they might as well have a known, effective Tory government that was blue than an unknown, incompetent pseudo-Tory government that was pink. The only thing Jezza needs is to smarten up ever so slightly and get some sensible people around him who will persuade him to ditch his more ridiculous foreign policy and politically-correct sacred cows.


  2. I’ll take a democrat over an opportunist any day. Corbyn accepts the referendum. Owen Smith thinks Labour’s core vote are racist morons and wants to disenfranchise them by offering a choice between the Norway option and the EU. And go back in if we have left even if it means imposing the Euro and Schengen on people without a referendum based on a minority vote at a General Election. There would be riots on the streets if he somehow got a Parliamentary majority and tried that. As a non Labour voter I I would choose Corbyn every time. On the stuff that alienates voters Smith outdoes Corbyn. Cosy up to Isis and open the borders (see Schengen) to an extent even Corbyn doesn’t call for. And at least Corbyn believes what he says. Owen believes in nothing but power and is too stupid even to secure that. He belongs in the dustbin of history.


  3. Fools predict the future that is unknowable
    Attlee was said to lack any personality, as Lackey put it: “I saw an empty taxi pull up and Attlee got out!”
    Events come along and they bring surprised with them…


  4. Many need to understand that we ha e a conservative party that is too right wing in comparison to its European equivalent therefore in the UK Jeremy appears too left wing which is the norm in global politics where he would actually be considered centre left. I think that Jeremy is taking the party forward however his policies are far from Marxism or any other brand of socialism.mym


  5. All this “Jeremy” crap makes me want to vomit….as if he’s a nice cuddly teddy , unlike the Mays , Camerons or Thatchers of this real world.


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