Labour leadership: Jeremy Corbyn defeats Owen Smith

Labour leadership: Jeremy Corbyn defeats Owen Smith

Jeremy Corbyn has been re-elected as Labour leader, comfortably defeating his challenger Owen Smith.

Mr Corbyn won 61.8% of the total vote, a larger margin of victory than last year.

He vowed to bring the party back together and “make Labour the engine of progress for our country”, insisting the party could win the next election.

More than half a million party members, trade unionists and registered supporters voted in the contest.

In a result announced on the eve of Labour’s party conference in Liverpool, Mr Corbyn won 313,209 votes, compared with Mr Smith’s 193,229.

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Corbyn: ‘I will wipe the slate clean’ after leadership triumph

JEREMY Corbyn today saw off the challenge to his leadership in a victory which poses new questions for Labour.

Mr Corbyn was announced as the winner of the leadership election, beating Pontypridd MP Owen Smith, in Liverpool where Labour is gathering for its annual conference.

Corbyn polled 313,209 votes in the Labour leadership election to Smith’s 193,229 votes.

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An Honourable Victory For An Honourable Man – But What Next?

The Labour Party’s Jeremy Corbyn has found himself re-elected as leader with a substantial majority today. Over 300,000 people voted for him and it is a fitting victory and a clear vindication for the man who has had inflicted upon him a slurry of abuse and wanton insult over the past few months.

Ruth Smeeth’s recent media utterances have portrayed Corbyn to be the biggest anti-Semite in Europe since Adolf Hitler. I have absolutely no doubt that Corbyn is the most fervent anti-racism campaigner in modern politics and whilst a fraction of his supporters may be anti-Semitic, to put that at his door is just ludicrous. I mean, just look at some of the fruitcakes who support my party and government – you wouldn’t dream of associating their views with Theresa May so why should it be any different for the Leader of the Opposition?

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2 thoughts on “Labour leadership: Jeremy Corbyn defeats Owen Smith

  1. Jeremy Corbyn might be still the Leader of the Labour Party but the real winner of the contest is the Rt. Hion. Theresa May MP. It remains to be seen if the new Leader of UKIP can reposition that party to reach those parts of the electorate others cannot reach.


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