Labour’s shadow minister for domestic violence was once cautioned over a bust-up with her husband after hitting him with a framed painting

Labour’s shadow minister for domestic violence was once cautioned over a bust-up with her husband after hitting him with a framed painting

  • Rotherham MP Sarah Champion was arrested after the incident in 2007
  • She describes it as ‘slight altercation’ with then husband Graham Hoyland
  • The director of the family charity Men’s Aid has called for her resignation

Labour’s shadow minister for domestic abuse was once arrested and cautioned nearly a decade ago over a violent bust-up with her husband.

Rotherham MP Sarah Champion, 47, is understood to have hit her then husband Graham Hoyland, 59, with a framed painting during a heated argument over their divorce.

The incident in 2007 saw police officers arrest the couple at their £460,000, family home in leafy Chapel-en-Frith, Derbyshire, and took them in to police custody.

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MP’s arrest over row with ex-husband

The Labour MP and domestic abuse campaigner Sarah Champion has spoken of her regret over a violent altercation with her former husband.

The shadow minister for preventing abuse and domestic violence was arrested and put in a police cell accused of assault after the row with Graham Hoyland about selling their home.

Ms Champion, who is due to chair a debate at the party conference today on ending violence against women and girls, said that they had a disagreement about a painting at their Derbyshire home in 2007. They were in the throes of a divorce, she said, and claimed her husband pinned her against a wall. The MP, 46, said that the argument was the culmination of months of tension in their marriage. She said: “I’m not proud of what happened and I accept I was in the wrong but I have nothing to hide. I lost control after being provoked for years and for that I am sorry but I felt extremely vulnerable at that moment.

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26 thoughts on “Labour’s shadow minister for domestic violence was once cautioned over a bust-up with her husband after hitting him with a framed painting

  1. Ideally suited to be a Corbyn crony with all the applicable attributes – hypocrite, crappy degree in Psychology , lived in luxury in a £500,000 home.
    “One of the people” …………… my arse.


  2. No doubt the sisterhood will find this behaviour acceptable, she should resign her position, was this matter declared when she stood for the Labour party candidate?


  3. I find this hilarious….How absurd life has become….
    Mr Keith Vaz better lock up his wife’s crockery …. She may well find another use for it other than gracing their elegant table … Perhaps even her threat to use it on his head may be a breach of law and order !!!!!!


  4. And she still lives in the same house £460,000 then what’s it worth now ? and still can’t be arsed to move in to the town that she represents tell you what Sarah sell your big house and buy one in Eastwood we’d see how long you’d last there with all the fly tipping in the streets and anti social behaviour I’d give you six months if that. You people live in fantasy land !!!


    • Sarah leave her ivory tower.?……No chance of it Shadrack…. Only ever met a handful of people ( of any political persuasion) in 74 years who can’t be bought and completely unaffected by greed. They are of course anonymous to the world. All the socialist I ever met are as greedy as the rest and motivated often by jealousy of those who have more…They will deny it of course. Vehemently….
      Jeremy Corbyn’s tie less un-ironed crumpled shirt doesn’t fool me !!!!!!


  5. Interesting she first tried to keep this quiet, I presume, and secondly she failed to consider I that it might be a bad idea to accept the brief of domestic violence minister. Perhaps it indicates the mindset of the Labour party with regard to keeping things they don’t want uncovered. She must have been warned it was going to break and immediately went squealing to the Mirror to print a damage limitation puff piece which they duly did.


  6. I now have a new appreciation of my multi purpose ‘water colour ‘ paintings….Not only for their aesthetic value but according to Everest mountaineer Mr Hoyland’s desperate 999 call to the police, they may now be considered ‘ a weapon’ with a potential of causing actual bodily harm…..


  7. If we do have boundary changes for the Rotherham parliamentary constituencies, then Sarah Champion rather than Kevin Barron will become my MP here in Rother Vale. That is good.


  8. There are two sides to every story and to prove it close friends of Mr Hoyland are in the media describing a very different view to the one peddled in the Mirror.

    It makes you wonder how Ms Champion managed to secure a top job in a hospice with a caution for hitting her former husband, lets hope she never attempts to apply for a taxi drivers licence here in Rotherham, the caution would not be viewed positively.

    As predicted the sisterhood were out in force, take a look at Ms Champions twitter page, you have to hand it to the sisterhood they have made sure that female attacks on males are a taboo subject and not worthy of comment.

    Ms Champion should resign.


    • What was the extent of Mr Hoylands injuries….anybody know? Was he hospitalized?
      Not many women I know would be willing to take on a super fit ,rugged mountaineer who tackled the highest and most dangerous mountain in the world….
      Frankly I suspect Graham Hoyland is cringing at the moment… With his pedigree and marvelous accomplishments he will now go down in history as man who was hit with a water colour painting small enough for a woman to remove single handedly from the wall during a heated tussle over ‘stuff’
      I hate feminism and don’t know what ‘the sisterhood’ is but let’s put this in perspective and save Mr Hoyland any further embarrassment.


      • I agree Linda, Graham Hoyland is probably very embarrassed by these allegations and to put this in perspective if GH had blocked the blows by raising his fists or arms or wrapping his arms round Ms.Champion to control her it is a safe bet she would have made an official complaint about being assaulted.
        It is and would be difficult for any man to claim and prove self defence against a woman even when she’s not the fizziest drink in the ‘fridge.


        • Hi Colin, Been married 55 years…. Never wacked husband and he’s never hit me. However, if I had the pluck to hit him with a painting I would rightly expect he clobber me back with it and put an end to the episode….Fair is fair eh….
          My Hoylands continued nightmares must be from more than a clip with a watercolor…. One can only guess….
          Sarah may not be the sharpest tack in the box assuming this wouldn’t at some point become front page news…..Perhaps Sarah’s nightmares have just begun…


  9. Linda
    Graham Hoyland says he suffered at her hands throughout their marriage.
    Clearly individuals can and do have psychopathic traits……………………………………….not least greed.

    Remember when she claimed on expenses for her Remembrance Day Poppy wreath? Such warmth, compassion (NOT) and greed.


  10. Yes old baccy, I just read the latest that she came out of it all with HIS family home plus 200,000 quid… Another greedy socialist without a conscience….She may as well from now on have it written across her forhead for all to see ” I hit my hubby with a watercolor and scored his family home plus a 200,000 bonus… Y’all can trust me to be a ‘champion ‘ in your fight for justice…….Yeh right.


    • Linda Wheeler
      You’ve got it in one but I doubt Graham Hoyland has shopped her. He’s had plenty of opportunities to do so since their divorce 9 years ago. He’s clearly moved on and is very preoccupied with his expeditions,lectures and television work. Besides he’s in a long and very happy relationship with a member of the expedition team. Good luck to you Graham. Champion may try and bring you down but her enemies are numerous and not in the guise of an ex husband.


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