Labour’s domestic abuse Minister Sarah Champion’s ex-husband ‘still has nightmares’

Labour’s domestic abuse Minister Sarah Champion’s ex-husband ‘still has nightmares’

  • Sarah Champion was cautioned by police after attacking her ex-husband 
  • Graham Hoyland is still ‘disturbted’ by the actions of the Rotherham MP 
  • Miss Champion spent the night in a cell after a row over a painting
  • Mr Hoyland suggested the row was actually about a pre-nuptial agreement

Labour’s Shadow Minister for domestic violence was an ‘abusive bully’ who terrified her former husband and cost him £200,000 in their divorce settlement, a friend claimed last night.

Sarah Champion admitted yesterday that she was arrested and cautioned by police after attacking explorer Graham Hoyland during their ‘very acrimonious’ divorce in 2007.

But the Rotherham MP – who faced calls to resign last night – told a national newspaper the violent bust-up came after she had been ‘provoked for years’ by Mr Hoyland.

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Jeremy Corbyn backs Sarah Champion who admits she ‘lost control’ in domestic row

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has voiced his support for his domestic violence spokeswoman Sarah Champion, after she admitted she had ended up in a police cell accused of assault after a violent row with her then husband.

The Rotherham MP told the Daily Mirror that the incident happened when she was going through a divorce from husband Graham in 2007.

Ms Champion, who is shadow minister for preventing abuse and domestic violence, said that her then husband called police during an argument about the sale of their home.

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Labour’s domestic violence chief ‘must quit’ over attack on her husband: Campaigner demands she steps down over revelation she was cautioned for hitting her ex

  • People called for Labour’s domestic violence spokesman to step down
  • Sarah Champion, 47, was cautioned by police for hitting her ex-husband 
  • Friends of Graham Hoyland, 59, claim he was ‘humiliated and abused’

Campaigners last night called for Labour’s domestic violence spokesman to step down after it emerged she was cautioned by police for hitting her ex-husband.

Friends of Graham Hoyland, 59, claim he was routinely ‘humiliated and abused’ by Sarah Champion, 47, during a tumultuous marriage.

The Rotherham MP ended up in a police cell after one tussle and both parties were cautioned.

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25 thoughts on “Labour’s domestic abuse Minister Sarah Champion’s ex-husband ‘still has nightmares’

  1. ” Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has voiced his support for his domestic violence spokeswoman Sarah Champion ”

    Now who was it on this forum who seems to think that Jeremy “just call me Jezza” Corbyn was a person of “integrity” ?

    You’re avin a laff aint ya ?


    • Timawells

      Yup, she kept HIS family home.

      Given his heritage and family line I bet it was very upsetting to hand it over to her lock, stock and barrel. Presumably, that is why he is so upset. He says he baled her out of debt that she had accrued before they got married and then suffered as a victim of her bullying throughout their marriage.

      It is beyond me how she was ever appointed as CE to a Children’s Hospice AND with a caution in her background, to say nothing of being accepted into the LP to stand as an MP. Maybe she didn’t declare it on both occasions? Oh and she was a member of the RMBC Safeguarding Board when at the Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice .Really?

      Finally, to be appointed as Minister for Domestic Abuse with her background, is unbelievable as she would be expected to declare convictions and that includes cautions. So did she? It seems doubtful and the Labour Party needs to check her out properly.
      Corbyn has offered his support but we all know how it works……….

      Don’t forget she has another court case hanging over her head.

      St Sarah is definitely toast and not before time.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. A lot of cant and hypocracy going down here..suddenly RothPol contributors go PC
    This article strikes me as somewhat spun and contrived by the Mail, and her ex husband/partner.

    So, in the middle of an acrimonious divorce they have a row that runs out of control and she gives hubby a clip. He calls Police, they both get a cautions and spend a night down the cop shop…while they sober up/calm down.

    Note, a night down the chokey, not a night in the hospital. We are not exactly talking repeated violence, there is no previous nor later incidents involving Ms C. And while I abhor violence, this isn’t exactly a Simon Danczuk moment.

    This is something that would normally be allowed to rest, he gets new lover..she becomesn MP. Yet somehow it is resurrected, by ex husband (a minor celeb on the road to obscurity) and probably his new partner, 9 years later. Coincidently on the eve of the Labour conference, meaning the Mail’s interest is whetted.

    My personal theory is that ex hubby’s new love while lying next to him in bed hears him somewhat passionately murmuring Sarah, Sarah in his sleep. On confronting him, being the seriously oppressed male he apparently is, he panics, gulps and says it’s because she serially abused me, and left me deeply traumatised..but by now the green eyed monster has taken root in his new beloved, and the pathway to the Mail is forced upon him….wimp that he is.

    Can someone else come up with a theory as to why this is brought to the Mail’s attention 9 years after the event._

    There is only one question to be answered….did she actually hit him with the painting or was she framed;)


    • ” Can someone else come up with a theory as to why this is brought to the Mail’s attention 9 years after the event.”

      Well yeah sure. No need for a THEORY – just state facts.
      Saint Champion is the Shadow Minister for Domestic Violence.
      It’s called hypocrisy.

      Glad of be of help and clarify it for you.


    • Of course this is a just one more piece of Daily Mail digging up anything it can about any Labour politician . What it most noticeable is that the Mail has included a picture of Corbyn in all of their on-line write-ups on this story.
      There is one bit of Daily Mail coverage that Rothpol has not linked to:
      In Richard Littlejohn’s comment piece he writes:
      “Labour’s domestic violence spokesman, Sarah Champion, 47, has been cautioned by police for hitting her ex-husband.
      That could have been filed under You Couldn’t Make It Up, too. The Government unit that meets every week to give me something to write about has obviously been working overtime.
      Needless to say, slugger Sarah has Jeremy Corbyn’s full support. But I’ve decided to disqualify her, not because she doesn’t deserve to make the play-offs but because her husband is such a wimp.
      Graham Hoyland, 57, describes himself as a mountaineer, who has climbed Mount Everest. In which case, he should have just strapped on his crampons and taken a hike, not gone moaning to the Old Bill., ”
      The Mail also describes Hoyland as a “best selling author” .
      I am sure he would like to be, but his sales rank on Amazon say very very otherwise.
      The obsession in the comments here as to “who kept the house” is just pathetic – either the couple decided it between themselves or the court decided it for them – there are no winners in a divorce.


      • Smoke and mirrors old chap.
        Let’s make it simple.

        Q. What is Saint Champions political role ?
        A. Shadow Minister for Domestic Violence

        Q. Has she been involved in domestic violence herself as an offender ?
        A. Yes

        Q. Is she therefore really somewhat tainted as a holder of this post for the post ?
        A. Yes

        Q. What has this got to do with Jeremy Corbyn ?
        A.. He appointed her.

        i have cleaned the mirror and blown away the smoke for you old chap.
        It really IS simple.


      • Regular Reader

        Why should you presume it’s Graham Hoyland after 9 years of having airbrushed her out?
        Think you are after a neat theory.

        My money is not on Hoyland. He’s far too accomplished, extremely busy and too contented care about a vicious and greedy ex.

        Look nearer home or does your ‘love affair’ with St Sarah continue to cloud your judgement?


      • Regular reader. “who kept the house is pathetic”, isn’t when it appears to have been passed down through his family and she bagged it, I doubt very much he would have agreed to it. As for their being no winners in a divorce, I disagree strongly with you on that, in this case Sarah seems to have won by a few furlongs.


        • Tim,
          I see other comments on my post, but you are a long time regular here, so I’ll reply to you.
          Where is it documented that ” it was his family home and that she bagged it”?
          How long had he / his ancestors lived there before he married Sarah Champion?
          Do you want the address – have it (for a small fee), and it is easy to find his current address – not far away.


      • Regular reader. Are you saying that the information old Baccy said was incorrect about her acquiring his family home? If it was true, then I would think it a vindictive thing to do. Regards Tim


  3. One rule for the common man or woman and another for the top necks.
    Anna Haq work towards the safeguarding of women from domestic abuse but they still knock around with her even though she has been cautioned for this.

    You can’t get a taxi badge with a conviction but you can become an MP.
    What a world we live in.


  4. Now it’s clear what his nightmares are about….Nothing to do with a clip from a watercolor painting, but losing a family home plus 200,000 quid to a ‘socialist’ free loader without a conscience…


    • ‘this story hasn’t been picked up by the BBC,……….’
      Good heavens man! Fancy expecting the Biased Broadcasting Corporation to report negative news about a Labour MP.
      Whatever next. You’ll be expecting fair and balanced news reports I expect?
      Does the BBC know Brexit happened?


  5. The comments about disclosure re Bluebell wood is very interesting, and was she asked about her hotel stay when she sat in front of the selection committee for MP. Was it the choccy teapot that endorsed her selection, Quite unusual that women get locked up in domestic cases, she obviously was not just stood there smiling when the police turned up. Oh my you could not make it up, If I had written a book about the Labour Party in Rotherham, it would have been rejected as too far fetched.


  6. Wow, I’m wondering if there’s any skeletons in Mother Terassa past, I’m truly shaken by these revelations and here am thinking that all the abuse and nastiness was being handed out one way, to Labour female Policticans. Seems some of them can take care of themselves very nicely indeed.


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