Dr Alan Billings: My right to ask chief constable David Crompton to resign over Hillsborough

 Dr Alan Billings: My right to ask chief constable David Crompton to resign over Hillsborough

Dr Alan Billings has defended his decision to dismiss South Yorkshire chief constable David Crompton.

Dr Alan Billings has defended his decision to dismiss South Yorkshire chief constable David Crompton.

FOR some time, South Yorkshire Police has been in a very bad place. It has treated victims in a number of different circumstances and over many years in a shocking fashion – the ‘Battle of Orgreave’; the Hillsborough disaster; and in Rotherham as 1,400 girls suffered fearful abuse and their plight was ignored.

The officers and staff of today’s force desperately want to get to a better place where they can do their job of protecting the vulnerable and keeping all citizens safe. In order to do this, they need two things.


Top police officer told to go over Hillsborough insensitivity – PCC

South Yorkshire’s most senior police officer was told to step down because he showed unacceptable insensitivity to Hillsborough disaster victims, his police and crime commissioner (PCC) has said.

PCC Alan Billings suspended Chief Constable David Crompton and on Thursday asked him to resign after he delivered a controversial statement following the Hillsborough inquest alluding to “other contributory factors” to blame for the deaths.

Mr Crompton has said he will take legal action over the decision, which flies in the face of the advice of the Chief Inspector of Constabulary.

Read on… http://www.thestar.co.uk/news/news-wire/top-police-officer-told-to-go-over-hillsborough-insensitivity-pcc-1-8156198

The three words that cost South Yorkshire’s police chief his job

THE FALLOUT from the verdicts on the 1989 Hillsborough disaster appeared today to have cost South Yorkshire’s most senior police officer his job, after the county’s crime tsar demanded his immediate resignation.

David Crompton’s position as Chief Constable had appeared to be doomed since a scrutiny panel made up mostly of local councillors recommended he be removed because of his “catastrophic error of judgement” after the verdict in the new inquests into the disaster.

This morning, his boss – the county’s police and crime commissioner Dr Alan Billings – said Mr Crompton was being told to go because he showed “unacceptable insensitivity” to the Hillsborough victims.

Read on… http://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/news/crime/the-three-words-that-cost-south-yorkshire-s-police-chief-his-job-1-8155603

Call for David Crompton to quit South Yorkshire Police ‘a mistake’

The decision to force South Yorkshire Police chief David Crompton to resign was a mistake which will be “corrected in the High Court”, the Chief Inspector of Constabulary has said.

Sir Tom Winsor said Police and Crime Commissioner Dr Alan Billings’ decision was based on three “misunderstood” words in a press release.

Mr Crompton was suspended after the Hillsborough inquest verdicts in April.

He said the PCC’s decision was wrong and he will be taking legal action.

Read on… http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-south-yorkshire-37518489

8 thoughts on “Dr Alan Billings: My right to ask chief constable David Crompton to resign over Hillsborough

  1. On 31st July, I attended Rotherham Police Station to report a crime. I was attacked by a female police officer with pepper spray, then roughed up, asphyxiated and verbally abused by at least four police officers. My crime? Talking too loud. My crime as they tell it? I punched the female policewoman in the eye socket, kicked her and tried to head butt her!! (I’m sixty years old, five feet tall, wear glasses and have cataracts. I’m also a CTC cleared IT professional.) There is not only something seriously sickeningly amiss here, but the fact that they are still doing it long after they have been shown to be dishonest, corrupt and more dangerous than the criminals that they pursue, should be a clear indicator that whatever is being done to improve matters is quite definitely not working.


  2. Another instance of Rev. Billings barking up the wrong tree. Instead of worrying about what the former Chief Constable said or did not say in a press release he should be looking at the public money expended on the Hillsborough inquest. How much? Paid to whom? Authorised by whom?

    Unless of course this is simply a distraction from the real issues facing SYP?


    • I think you’ll find that the Hillsborough Inquests were determined by a judgement of the courts in accordance with UK law. Further, other decisions about legal costs were made by the then Home Secretary, Theresa May, who also payed a significant grant to South Yorkshire Police in respect of the costs incurred.

      With this level of contribution and analysis, I can understand why you wish to remain !Anonymous’!


      • Like I said a distraction from the real issues facing SYP. Much easier for Rev. Billings and those who support him to distract attention from recent events in Rotherhan by drawing attention to old issues like Hillsborough and Orgreave.


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