MP Sarah Champion tells of abusive relationship

SHADOW domestic violence minister Sarah Champion told of her shame after admitting being arrested for an attack on her ex-husband.

It happened in 2007 when the Rotherham MP was working for an arts centre and in the process of divorcing Graham Hoyland.

She said the violent bust-up at their home came after years of provocation from Mr Hoyland, an explorer who has climbed Everest.

There were calls for the MP to quit but Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said she had the party’s “total, full and absolutely warm support”.

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and: Labour’s shadow minister for domestic violence was once cautioned over a bust-up with her husband

10 thoughts on “MP Sarah Champion tells of abusive relationship

  1. N’er mind love . You got loads of money outta it and now you’s an MP with even MORE money. No need to worry love, you got Jezza’s support – you know , that fella of the highest personal integrity. And he will always back his own , so don’t worry love , no need to even THINK about resigning as the right thing to do. Jezza wouldn’t expect it.


  2. If Sarah Champion was in an abusive relationship why wait until now to discuss it ? As a champion (no pun intended) of women’s issues and an MP for a constituency where too many vulnerable women were abused and ignored why stay silent on such an important matter ? Oh yeah, she got found out. Provocation ?


  3. Ms Champion was cautioned in 2007 whilst working in Manchester. She then went to work at the Bluebell Wood Children`s Hospice. My question is, did she disclose at the interview for CEO that she had a Police caution for domestic abuse?. Did the DBS/CRB check show this caution ?. If it did, why was it ignored.


  4. I read an interesting book years ago ( can’t for the life of me remember the title or author) . Written by an American ex detective on every type of violence against women and how to pick a dangerous creep early on….. Intuition played a big part and women were encouraged to act on that intuition for their own protection…..I agreed with his perspective on the subject….
    #1….The first act of violence ( mental, physical or sexual) the woman / man becomes a ‘victim’
    The second act of violence (if tolerated) the victim then becomes a volunteer……
    The writer refutes the idea that victims have no ‘choice’ but to stay in an abusive relationship. To stay in a brutal relationship is ‘ a choice’….
    O J Simpson forced himself on his first date with Nicole who later became his wife and subsequently murdered.
    Our children need to be appropriately informed on the best and worst of humanity ( not at kindergarten level). Observe the signs if it happens to them and do the right thing in the face of pleadings with tears it will never happen again….
    .Somebody with the intelligence of Sarah Champion should have known what to do years before the water color painting saga. It’s too late now to expect sympathy from the world even if Mr Corbyn has a different take on the subject…..
    In the immortal words of Judge Judy after dealing with thousand of disappointed love affairs and ‘victims’ crying at loosing money, health and dignity; she just keeps on giving the same old fashioned advice… If problems start when dating you can guarantee it will NEVER get better.
    Even intelligent people can miss the obvious…..


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  6. David
    This has always been the case.
    The editor of the Rotherham Advertiser(Andrew Mosley) is married to Sarah Champion’s PA.
    Got it?
    He wouldn’t want to jeopardise his second meal ticket now would he?


  7. Now that explains it all get the local rag’s editor’s wife on the payroll and that takes care of any negative publicity the penny begins to drop ! Saint Sarah is just as bad as the rest of the snout in the trough MP’s


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