Transport secretary “would consider South Yorkshire HS2 station”

DEARNE MP John Healey has won a promise from the transport secretary that he will consider a South Yorkshire station if HS2 goes ahead.

Chris Grayling has confirmed to Mr Healey that he will consider the case for an HS2 parkway station in the county after a revised route for the high-speed rail link saw the region left with a spur into Sheffield but no dedicated station.

Mr Healey wrote to the new transport secretary underlining his opposition to plans that switched the HS2 route away from Meadowhall.

He also pressed the case for a South Yorkshire station if ministers do back the new route.

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5 Responses to Transport secretary “would consider South Yorkshire HS2 station”

  1. Ged says:

    This is just a sop.

    Time to get off the fence and looking for a 3rd way.

    What about the demolition of peoples homes and the damage to our countryside?

    The £billions would be better invested in integrated transport for the many.

    HS2 is an environmental calamity to benefit a few who will be able to afford to travel on it. The time savings are minimal and still got to get to and from where it stops.
    Why not reopen rail stations up.

    Case for municipal bus not private. public ownership at last party policy for our rail instead of lining branstons pockets.

  2. Paddy Cawkwell says:

    We don’t want the bloody thing!

    • Old Baccy says:

      Ged and Paddy

      So very typical of Healey. What a vote loser.

      No backbone, a complete yellow belly and total arse licker to the Tories and Sheffield council. He will have known about the amended route for months.

      They must be laughing themselves senseless.

      The sooner he’s got rid of the better. Wonder where he’s going………………..?

      He’s been planning it long enough but has still got a few years to get his maximum MP pension……. oh dear.

      Maybe his bezzie mates, Shaun the sheep and Stoney will put him up?

  3. Colin Tawn says:

    I’d be a lot more impressed with our local MP’s if they listened to the local objections to this expensive vanity project and lobbied hard to either scrap it altogether or let Sheffield have it and the associated upheavals that accompany it.
    Where is the solid evidence that the people in Rotherham (Borough) need or want HS2?

  4. This is still a democracy!?
    Stop the stool pigeon –
    then STOP the train!

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