Barnsley Council scoops local authority of the year award

Barnsley Council is delighted to announce that it has won the prestigious award for Local Authority

The accolade was presented to the council for the way in which it has taken risks and been ambitious in how it seeks to support development and drive growth in order to develop a thriving and vibrant economy.

Taking a proactive and involved approach to driving development, the councils Jobs and Business Plan, sets out a commercially focused blueprint for creating more jobs and businesses, through the delivery of a number of flagship developments across all sectors from retail and housing to commercial. The plan has been a catalyst for a series of successful projects.

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2 Responses to Barnsley Council scoops local authority of the year award

  1. Barnsley Spectator says:

    Yep we have a proactive council we’re only 23,000 jobs short of similar sized towns in the UK and we have ASOS to thank for being one of the biggest employers. They are the next sports direct being under microscope currently for their victorian workhouse practices

  2. Colin Tawn says:

    Despite £millions of taxpayers cash and the costs of the Commissioners it is plain to see RMBC has not made any worthwhile improvements nor attracted sufficient investments to the town to compete with nearby local authorities.
    It is no good banging on about the AMP, it represents a fraction of the workforce and a small percentage of the inward investment flow.
    What are and where are the long term plans for Eastwood, Aldwarke and Rawmarsh? What incentives are there for SME’s to thrive and grow in Rotherham? Or is it RMBC’s policy to direct new businesses to Parkgate?

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