Council leaders’ resist minister’s ‘take it or leave it’ ultimatum

SOUTH YORKSHIRE council leaders are refusing to commit to going ahead with their devolution deal despite a clear warning from the Government it cannot be renegotiated.

Sheffield City Region Combined Authority chairman Sir Steve Houghton insisted there were still questions about the deal which needed to be answered.

Questions were raised over the deal after it was suggested Prime Minister Theresa May might not insist on the elected mayors her predecessor demanded as part of devolution agreements.

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YP Comment: Northern Powerhouse is here to stay – what next for Yorkshire mayor?

THE Chancellor could not have been clearer: “I pledge today that the Treasury, under my leadership, will continue to drive the Northern Powerhouse project…”

A statement of intent designed by Philip Hammond to reassure his predecessor George Osborne, he also stressed that regional devolution is here to stay after passing “a tipping point” in the transfer of economic power to the regions.

Carefully chosen words indicative of Mr Hammond’s pragmatism as he set out a more interventionist economic strategy after the Brexit vote scuppered the aspiration of eradicating the budget deficit by the end of this decade, the response of Yorkshire’s political leaders is eagerly awaited.

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4 thoughts on “Council leaders’ resist minister’s ‘take it or leave it’ ultimatum

  1. Sir Steve Houghton may have legitimate concerns about some of the details contained in the proposed devolution project however neither he nor anyone else involved in the creation of the SCR is going to jeopardise the flow of the vast sums of money which will flow into the SCR coffers once it is up and running.
    Detail-v-£9 Billion.
    Place your bets.


  2. Just scrap the whole deal. If the local authorities then wish to try again in the future we MUST have a proper vote by all the electorate to see how many are in favour of this scheme. The so called “consultation” last time was a complete joke and somewhat underhand !


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