Forcing me to resign was ‘unlawful’, says ex-South Yorkshire Police chief

South Yorkshire’s former chief constable David Crompton has started legal proceedings against the county’s crime commissioner after claiming the decision to call for his resignation last week was “unlawful”.

In a statement released by the legal firm Kingsley Napley, Mr Crompton revealed he had served a claim for judicial review on Dr Alan Billings and the other parties involved in his resignation from his £162,000-a-year role.

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South Yorkshire Police chief David Crompton takes legal action over resignation

The Chief Constable of South Yorkshire Police has launched legal proceedings over the decision to ask him to resign.

David Crompton was suspended by Dr Alan Billings, the region’s Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC), after the Hillsborough inquest verdicts in April.

Dr Billings said he had no choice but to act as there had been an “erosion of trust”.

Lawyers for Mr Crompton claim the resignation call was disproportionate and unlawful.

Responding to the announcement, Dr Billings said: “I am disappointed that Mr Crompton has issued judicial review proceedings. I will now have to seek legal advice.

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4 Responses to Forcing me to resign was ‘unlawful’, says ex-South Yorkshire Police chief

  1. trambuster says:

    Well he should know all about unlawfulness – Er, Hillsborough, Child Sex, Orgreave, etc.Hhmmmmmmmmmmm?

  2. Termite says:

    The PCC did not receive the Police and Crime Panel’s unanimous recommendation that he should call for the Chief Constable to retire as stated by the PCC.

    Of the 13 panel members 7 voted – 6 Labour and 1 Independent.
    Of the 6 panel members that did not vote 1 UKIP – 2 Lab – 1 Lib Dem and 2 Independent.

    What makes it VERY interesting is the fact 1 of the panel was expelled from the hearing and was therefore denied a vote.

    What was the validity or otherwise of the proceedings of the Police and Crime Panel?

  3. Termite says:

    Termite says
    According to HM Chief Inspector – Sir Thomas Winsor.

    “The matter of a Police and Crime Panel member being expelled from the PCC Scrutiny Hearing on 16 September should be considered by the solicitors to the claimant in the judicial review of the decision of the police and crime commissioner, namely Mr David Crompton, the former chief constable.”

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