Healey makes return to shadow cabinet as Corbyn finalises team

WENTWORTH and Dearne MP John Healey has returned to the shadow cabinet as Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn completed his new-look frontbench.

Mr Healey returns to the Shadow Housing Secretary job he quit in June among the wave of resignations from the shadow cabinet over concerns at Mr Corbyn’s leadership.

York Central MP Rachael Maskell, Leeds East MP Richard Burgon and Hemsworth MP Jon Trickett retain their shadow frontbench roles.

Read on… http://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/news/healey-makes-return-to-shadow-cabinet-as-corbyn-finalises-team-1-8170385

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11 Responses to Healey makes return to shadow cabinet as Corbyn finalises team

  1. Like puppets on a string…
    But they do have to pay for their children Grammar school education, don’t they.

    • Old Baccy says:

      Nigel Simpson

      The last piece of the a**h*le’s jigsaw has dropped into place.
      Healey’s meal ticket far outweighs his commitment and concern for ANYONE in Rotherham and his Dearne constituents.

      How as shadow housing minister , how can he support the HS2 project when it means the significant demolition of the Strata Homes : Shimmer development and hundreds of homes in Rotherham? To say nothing of the noise, pollution, loss of the rural countryside and years of anxiety and construction mayhem that this Tory vanity project will bring..

      Hope he’s still pals with Millipeed (and his Doncaster Labour colleagues) as he seems hell bent on trashing and ruining the lives of his constituents too.

      Also explains his disappearance down a rabbit hole or two (a regular occurrence) about his failure to protest for the scrapping of HS2 which will decimate people’s lives in Rotherham and his constituency. Instead he’s asked Grayling for a station along the amended route.

      This excuse of a human being is maybe on the same magic mushrooms……Don’t look for him supporting anyone only himself. Oh and a few more years on his pension pot.

      Roll on the boundary changes and his deselection. What were his core voters have seen the light.

  2. time for a change says:

    Healey, the complete co.. as..I QUIT because I dont like what you are doing and It may cost me loads of money,I dont give a s..t about the people of rotherham but I will come back for the money,thanks JESS

  3. Anon says:

    Found out tonight that wentworth clp met.
    As a newish member. Healey and the clp officers can’t be bothered to inform us of when meetings are. Then tell others we dont join in leafletting. Treating us shabbily.

    • Stuart says:

      Know so many others in same boat of not being informed of mètings.
      Same old games to control things.

      What democracy!

  4. Chuck says:

    Wonder if usual buĺlying and intimadation again at clp by few rightwingers.

  5. Tom Roberts says:

    Vote Labour – vote Hypocrite

  6. Bruno says:

    He follows his chums. They spit their dummies out.
    Healy is the comeback kid.

    Maybe he will get the part to be dance partner to Ed balls.

  7. Timawells says:

    Remember all Rotherham borough M.P’s campaigned to remain in the EU, Kevin Barron had posters in his shop window on Lordens Hill Rd, how can anybody vote Labour after this in Rotherham. If you don’t like UKIP, vote for English democrats.

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