“From me to you, stop HS2”

THE fight against HS2 has a new supporter — one of the Chuckle Brothers.

Comic Barry Chuckle has written to organisers of the Bramley protest march on Saturday (Oct 8).

Sandra Haith, of Stop HS2 Bramley, said: “Barry has sent his good wishes and hopes we can ‘kill off’ the new route.”

Read… http://www.rotherhamadvertiser.co.uk/news/104716/-from-me-to-you-stop-hs2-.aspx

Protestors march against HS2 Bramley and Aston route plan


Campaigners have marched through a Rotherham village in a protest about HS2.

A change to the route was announced in July which would see the high speed service run through Aston and Bramley.

Protestors took to the streets of Bramley earlier over fears about 70 homes could be demolished.

A spokesman for HS2 said the line would “dramatically improve” journeys between the Midlands, the north of England and London.

Rotherham Council has opposed the plan and Rother Valley MP Kevin Barron said he had applied for a debate in the House of Commons about the proposal.

Read on… http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-south-yorkshire-37596177

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6 Responses to “From me to you, stop HS2”

  1. Albion says:

    Was John Healey there?

  2. Time for a change says:

    ALL OUR THREE MPS ARE A TOTAL DISCRACE,How far are they out of touch with the people of Rotherham,especially the people that will have their homes and property destroyed for this unwanted project. Champion and healey crawling back to Jess at any cost to keep the money coming in,no morals at all, and Barron, not a word I will just keep drawing my wages. Three total PARASITES

    • Time for a change says:

      I wonder if Healey now his house is up for sale all of a sudden now the track lines are coming will join his two other Parasites in Derbyshire,but thats ok F.K Rotherham I will claim more expenses travelling to rotherham if I have to,they all would good sat on the Toad at Hathersage

      • Old Baccy says:

        To Time for a Change
        Healey’s house went up for sale in Feb / March 2016, clearly he knew what was coming……and was busy putting his ‘covering his back’ plans into place.

  3. Splinter says:

    All the MPs in area are supporting HS2 to pander to big business again and the wealthy. Bereft of any principles. Its cheaper and quicker to travel by plane.

    Healy is busy blowing in the wind as usual. Lacks convictions and dodgy judgement.
    He has a big splinter from all the fence sitting

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