Pro-Europe MPs led by Ed Miliband plot fresh bid to BLOCK Brexit, claiming voters did NOT want to leave the single market

Pro-Europe MPs led by Ed Miliband plot fresh bid to BLOCK Brexit, claiming voters did NOT want to leave the single market

  • Ed Miliband is leading cross-party group of pro-EU MPs demanding Parliament is given a say in Brexit negotiations 
  • Says it would be an ‘outrage’ if Theresa May overlooks Parliament on decision to leave single market 
  • But Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg says their demands ‘typify the disdain that the liberal elite has for voters’  

MPs are plotting a fresh bid to block Brexit by claiming any deal that takes Britain out of the EU’s single market should be first voted on by Parliament.

Remarkably, the cross-party group of pro-EU MPs – including senior Tories – claim that June’s Brexit vote was not a decision to leave the single market.

Ed Miliband, who is leading the demands, says Parliament must not be overlooked because of ‘the importance of these decisions for the UK economy’.

The former Labour leader said it would be an ‘outrage’ if Mrs May decided the terms of Brexit without first asking MPs. Sir Keir Starmer, the new Shadow Brexit Secretary, backed the move, demanding Theresa May holds a Commons vote on the terms of her opening hand in negotiations with the EU.

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Miliband talks to Tories over Commons vote on Brexit

FORMER Labour leader Ed Miliband has held talks with pro-EU Tory MPs on trying to force Theresa May to allow a Commons vote on any moves to exit the single market.

A loose cross-party alliance of pro-Europe MPs from all sides of the Commons has expressed concern at the sudden pace towards a “hard Brexit” stance by the Government.

Mr Miliband, MP for Doncaster North, is considering tabling an urgent Commons question demanding the Prime Minister sets out to parliament exactly what its role will be in the major decisions surrounding Brexit.

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8 Responses to Pro-Europe MPs led by Ed Miliband plot fresh bid to BLOCK Brexit, claiming voters did NOT want to leave the single market

  1. Xinsider says:

    When will this useless failed sandwich eater and his undemocratic pals simply accept that the vote re Brexit went against them and that vote to leave automatically included the so called (corrupt) single market ? Does he not realise it was his ineptitude that gave CaMORON et al their win in the election he lost ? Why would anyone agree with this fool about anything !

  2. Tom Roberts says:

    MilliBLAND is failed UK politician with no future here, so I think he’s probably after a nice cushy well-paid EU sinecure. Well, it worked for B Liar ( Middle East Peace Envoy – you have to laugh at that after he was responsible for the death of thousands of innocent Iraqi men women and children, British and American troops ) and the inept Kinnocks.

    Yes fail in your own country and get a nice easy overpaid EU job for doing absolutely nothing – well you can’t really blame Millibland for wanting to feather his own nest like all the useless Labour champagne socialist charlatans that heve gone before him.

    I’m just interested to see what they might offer CaMoron, or maybe he’s after something at J P Morgan or Goldmann-Sachs . Many of the EU “elites” end up there as ‘advisers’.

  3. Tom Roberts says:

    About EU jobs for the chaps and overpaid ‘advisers’ to Financial Institutions ………………
    I forgot Gordon Brown – well, you would want to wouldn’t you ?

  4. Our politicians are addicted to the gravy train and to hell with the public.Time for the deselection of our South Yorkshire M.P.’s. Too out of touch with the voters they live off.Parasites.

  5. These creeps despise democracy when they lose.Clear out needed in South Yorkshire,and yes,we voted for hard and swift Brexit,our politicians have been too long at the trough,and at our expense.

  6. Colin Tawn says:

    To think the goon Miliband wanted to be PM?
    Perhaps the Doncaster Labour supporters who voted to leave the EU should question his integrity if he’s ever back on the campaign trail.

  7. Fighting for Justice says:

    Colin did you say integrity, do you think he had any after the stroke he pulled on his Brother David? How could he ever be trusted, when he could do that to his own flesh and blood?

  8. fiferalfa says:

    What is it about our politicians who do not accept a Democratic decision by the people who were from ALL parties we voted to LEAVE the CORRUPT club that with our parliament’s say so have screwed us the British public for years

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