Operation Central briefing

Thanks to an anonymous contributor, I am able to bring you this rather illuminating document.

It appears to show rather more than those involved might have wished us to see?



9 thoughts on “Operation Central briefing

  1. Mmm…..and from the horse’s mouth;

    Exactly which MP!

    200 delegates!

    Many local people and journalists as well!

    Q713 Chair: But do you accept the charge that is made against Rotherham that in fact you have not acknowledged publicly the existence of this problem? You have a lot of internal reports that have been conducted, but you have not published any of those reports. Is that right?

    Joyce Thacker: I would say that in 2006 we held a major conference in Rotherham where one of our MPs spoke as a keynote speaker. There were nearly 200 delegates at that conference; many local people and journalists were present as well. That, in 2006, was a key event in our activity.

    House of Commons – Home affairs – No – Minutes of Evidence: HC 68


      • Who’s to say what is the truth anymore, and without prompting people’s consciousness nothing like the above will make it to Rik.

        Old Baccy if you believe that Hotspot sent Rik the above photos, Hotspot can confirm that Hotspot did not, if that is what you are inferring by “coincidence”


  2. ‘ you have not acknowledged publicly the existence of this problem?’
    Thacker did not answer the question (No change there)

    We now have a clear indication when the cover up of CSE started despite years and years of lies and obfuscation from ex and current RMBC councillors who claimed they were “not aware of the scale of the problem”. Most of them will not even admit there was a problem. ‘Nothing to do with me Guv, it was the others wot done it’.
    If gold medals were ever presented for The Big Lie And Cover Up RMBC would be the clear winner.


  3. No wonder Sajid Bostan said, they had “fixed the Council, fixed the Police, fixed the Advertiser and fixed the local BBC!
    Seems this is about as close to a smoking gun as it gets?


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