INEOS begin search for shale in Rotherham

INEOS, the company that owns Government licenses to search for shale gas in areas of Rotherham has contacted a local parish council about carrying out surveys on council land.

A type of natural gas, shale gas has the potential to become an important energy source for the UK, as it is in the US, but extracting the gas using a method called “fracking” (hydraulic fracturing) has negative environmental impacts.

In 2013, an independent survey identified that the whole borough of Rotherham could be sitting on reserves of shale gas. The Oil & Gas Authority (OGA) – the UK’s oil and gas regulator has been offering onshore blocks to leading names in the energy exploration industry to provide exclusivity.

Petroleum Exploration and Development Licences (PEDLs), provide the first step to starting drilling – but do not give absolute agreement to drill. On top of a licence, any further drilling application will then require planning permission, as well as permits from the Environment Agency and sign-off from the Health and Safety Executive.

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9 Responses to INEOS begin search for shale in Rotherham

  1. Timawells says:

    I would have preferred to have seen a nationalised company doing this on the governments behalf, to ensure maximum safety requirements are adhered to and that any profits are re invested in developing future energy sources. I don’t like our reserves being exploited for the gain of private businesses and their shareholders at the expense of the British people.

  2. Colin Tawn says:

    My understanding is Bramley Parish Council and Anston Parish Council have been approached by INEOS to conduct seismic surveys. Bramley PC refused to let INEOS carry out a survey unless the company agrees to a public meeting beforehand.

    A seismic survey is miles away from fracking. Don’t base any anti fracking feelings on secondhand anecdotes from North America which has a completely different geology to Britain and different safeguards.
    INEOS have said they will give communities 6% of revenues from fracking sites-4% to landowners and 2% to councils – to encourage development in the UK.
    At present, the Crown owns all rights to any minerals found underneath properties and the industry is only offering 1% of revenues to councils.

  3. L joseph says:

    We must not give these companies an inch. Short term gain for long term environmental damage should not be tolerated. Is Anston parish silent on this matter.

    • Old Baccy says:

      You can bet your life on it that the rural environment and community standards of health will NOT be affected in the south by Fracking whatsoever. They will be blight free.

      Well done to Bramley Parish Council for not caving in.

    • Colin Tawn says:

      ‘ Is Anston parish silent on this matter.’
      My proposal for a public meeting with INEOS before the survey begins was voted down.
      As in all other debates and discussions the majority vote wins.

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