Jane Collins MEP – “Farage defending Trump’s vile comments simply further degrades women everywhere

Jane Collins MEP – “Farage defending Trump’s vile comments simply further degrades women everywhere

Yorkshire & North Lincolnshire UKIP MEP, Jane Collins, has today disassociated herself from Nigel Farage’s defence of Donald Trump’s sexist remarks, saying Farage was trying to “defend the indefensible.”

Ms Collins, a long time campaigner against child sexual exploitation, said; “Trump’s sexist and derogatory comments have unequivocally proven he is totally unfit to be President of the United States, and Nigel Farage should think very carefully about defend him.”

“While in the past, I have been one of Nigel Farage’s biggest supporters, his attempts to not only excuse Trump’s vile behaviour but also to make this kind of criminal behaviour seem normative, make me seriously question his judgement in this matter.”

“I have spent years fighting for more protections from sexual assault of all types. It, therefore, sickens me that my party leader seeks to say this was nothing more than “locker room banter”.

“These types of remarks are not normal, nor are they acceptable.”

“There is never an excuse for sexual assault and way too many women already suffer in silence from fear of having to face these entrenched attitudes that this type of behaviour is okay.”

“I welcome that Nigel has now taken the decision to step back from Trump’s campaign.He needs to be the man I know him to be and call for all sexual assault to be kicked into touch.”

As for Mr Trump, in light of his remarks, I think he should now be a real man; admit his mistakes, and withdraw from the presidential race – but I am not going to hold my breath.”

Jane Collins

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10 Responses to Jane Collins MEP – “Farage defending Trump’s vile comments simply further degrades women everywhere

  1. Linda Wheeler says:

    Nigel, has just done everybody a favour by letting us know the sort of blokes he hangs out with…..How dumb some politicians are. Middle age men still trying to be teenagers with delusions of grandeur that they can actually run a country….Time people woke up to the fact that public and private life are one and the same. A scoundrel is always a scoundrel with different hats…..

  2. reg reader says:

    Ukip MEPs condemn Nigel Farage for being ‘apologist’ for Donald Trump
    Angry Ukip MEPs have hit out at Nigel Farage for being a Donald Trump “apologist” who attempted to “defend the indefensible” after the presidential candidate’s lewd comments about women.

  3. Linda Wheeler says:

    Wonder what Trumps wife and daughter make of his ‘secret locker room banter’….His contemptible remark has just thrown them to the dogs……
    In the event of him moving in to The White House he will go down in history as President Fart….A stink in the oval office……

  4. Woody says:

    Trump is an ass . can he be the leader of any country with his views ? I don’t know but a lot of Americans think he can , on the other side is mrs Clinton can she be trusted too and talking about stinks in the Oval Office I wonder if they removed the stains oops that was her husband

    • Linda Wheeler says:

      Yes Woody.. Some stains and stinks can never be removed.. Extravagant refurbishing won’t do it. eh… Population nearly 325 million and Trump (or Fart) and Clinton are the best they can come up with…

  5. Chris Thompson says:

    Trump is a clown and Hillary is a deeply flawed candidate, but why is that useless article Jane Collins complaining so loudly? Surely as an MEP her energies should be directed elsewhere. She is supposed ro represent us all in Europe, but only seems interested in women’s issues. Thank goodness she’ll be out of a job soon.

    • reg reader says:

      Dear Mr Thompson
      If you had clicked on to the link I gave above, ( http://home.bt.com/news/uk-news/ukip-politician-announces-bid-for-leadership-to-stabilise-the-party-11364104983170 ) you would have seen that Ms Collins is only one of the UKIP MEPs, of both genders, who are critical of the behaviour of UKIP MEP Farage in regard to this matter.

      There is a leadership fight going on within UKIP, and this is just one aspect of it.

      Btw if you think that Trump’s behaviour, and Farage’s justification of it is just a “women’s issue”, I think you may have may well have totally missed the point.


      • Chris Thompson says:

        I think you may well have totally missed my point. I don’t think it’s “just” a women’s issue – I’m surprised that an overpaid public servant who is supposed to represent the interests of all her constituents in Europe can, at a time when she should be working full-time on our behalf, decide to devote herself to this issue. I imagine most of the people she derives her legitimacy from (and pay her inflated wages) have never heard anything about her until now.

        By the way, you mention “both genders”. There are now more than fifty gender options, including “intersex” and “androgynous”.

        • reg reader says:

          Yes, you are right , there are now (at least on Facebook) 51 gender options – I always opt for “other”. .
          I think though we have to put Collins MEP’s press statement – in the header above – into context.

          At a meeting in Brussels of most of UKIP MEPs, they ” “unanimously” agreed that the party leader should stop backing the US presidential hopeful.” Party Leader Nigel was not present at the meeting.
          Then 3 “senior UKIP MEPs made statements, one was Collins, the others were South-west of England MEP William Dartmouth and North east MEP Jonathan Arnott.
          See: https://www.politicshome.com/news/uk/political-parties/uk-independence-party/nigel-farage/news/79828/excl-ukip-meps-unanimous

          And then there was that little disagreement between Collins co-MEP for our region Hookem MEP and Woolfe MEP. Party Leader Nigel appears to have been the more sympathetic to Woolfe.

          On Hookem and Collins websites, you will find that a Trixy Sanderson is listed as their shared Press Officer. She would have been responsible for the Collins press release.

          According to Rothpol, Trixy Sanderson is allegedly Farage’s ex- and possibly current mistress.
          To me Collins is an utter irrelevence; given her background and interests (horses and fox hunting) there is no way she could represent me.
          “Ms Collins, a long time campaigner against child sexual exploitation, said…”

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