Right-wing protesters ‘got more than they bargained for’ in street clashes

A group of right-wing protesters who were shouting “vile racist abuse” after a demonstration in Rotherham “got rather more than they bargained for” when violence broke out in the centre of the town, a court has heard.

A jury was shown CCTV footage of violent scenes in the South Yorkshire town when a group associated with the far-right Britain First group clashed with a group of mainly Asian men.

The footage showed fighting in the street between the two groups before police arrived in numbers to part them.

It was shown at Sheffield Crown Court at the opening of the trial of 10 Asian men who all claim they were acting in self-defence or defending others after they were attacked following a right-wing demonstration and anti-fascist counter protest in Rotherham on September 5 last year.

Read on… http://www.thestar.co.uk/news/news-wire/right-wing-protesters-got-more-than-they-bargained-for-in-street-clashes-1-8175274

Far right got ‘more than they bargained for’, Rotherham 12 trial hears

by Phil Turner

A Nazi ringleader led a drunken street attack on Asian men after an anti-fascist demonstration in Rotherham marking the racist murder of a grandfather, a jury has heard.

The protest took place in the south Yorkshire town in September last year. A group of Asian men, known as the Rotherham 12, were charged with violent disorder following the protest.

Their trial at Sheffield Crown Court heard that John Sheridan of the Nazi Yorkshire Finest group “led the charge” up a street from a town centre pub. The jury heard that Sheridan was intent on violence and shouting racist abuse.

Read on… https://socialistworker.co.uk/art/43526/Far+right+got+more+than+they+bargained+for,+Rotherham+12+trial+hears

See also: https://rotherhampolitics.wordpress.com/the-rotherham-trial-reports/wellgate-riot-trial/

Please note, this is an ongoing trial and it is very difficult therefore for readers to make a comment that could be published without falling foul of legal constraints designed to ensure a fair trial.

For those who make comments I cannot approve at the moment, should keep those ideas until the verdicts are out, Rik

6 thoughts on “Right-wing protesters ‘got more than they bargained for’ in street clashes

    • Definitely appeasing the Muslim mob, how do they come to that conclusion if CCTV wasn’t working on day of the riot and as far as I’m aware only video evidence I’ve seen shows the Muslims (not Asians) running down street armed with weapons.


      • Please take note of my warning about comments during a trial. Your comment is just about on the limit. Let’s let the trial reach their verdicts before starting to debate the merits of one sides case or another. Rik.


      • “only video evidence I’ve seen shows the Muslims”

        Did they have badges on saying “muslim”?

        —Those living in Rotherham are nominal muslims like we can say majority of population in UK is nominally Christian but research shows about 8% of Christians actually attend church on a Sunday. The same will apply to muslims who actually practice their religion – a small percentage.


  1. I looked on Youtube for the videos that I watched at the time – they’ve all been edited! All that’s left visible are the ones throwing insults at the police and cheering on the culprits who were doing the damage!


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