Public meeting over shale gas drilling plans agreed

A CHEMICAL company has answered a parish council’s call to hold a public meeting in the village where it wants to drill for shale gas.

Ineos wrote to Harthill with Woodall Parish Council in August requesting permission to carry out seismic testing at sites across the village — including three owned by the council.

Cllr Ian Lloyd, parish council chairman, said the company wanted to carry out exploratory works on three areas of public land.

But he said the council would not make a decision until Ineos had held a meeting in the village, which has now been arranged for Monday

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1 thought on “Public meeting over shale gas drilling plans agreed

  1. It makes no difference what local councils think or do, as shown in Fylde and in Barton Moss , Trafford , where the the legalised thugs of the Greater Manchester Police ( the so-called Tactical Aid Group ) manhandled and mistreated protesters to enforce the wishes of their corporate masters.

    Fracking trials caused earthquakes in Blackpool , but who would care about that ? Not MP’s in their ‘loadsamoney’ taxpayer-funded London homes and their second properties in the ‘nice parts’ of their constituencies.

    Fracking is environmental abuse of the first order , done in order to line the pockets of corporate shareholders, who are calling the shots in Westminster to over-ride local democratic decisions.


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