MPs have shone a light on the tide of anti-Semitism engulfing the Labour party

It was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness,” wrote Charles Dickens in Tale of Two Cities. He was not describing the contrast between the Home Affairs Committee Antisemitism in the UK report, released today, and Shami Chakrabarti’s earlier inquiry into antisemitism in the Labour Party, but his words capture the gulf between the two.

The Chakrabarti inquiry was foolish – shockingly flimsy, intellectually barren, utterly unable to grasp what it was dealing with, incurious, and inexplicably rushed.

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Jeremy Corbyn has helped create ‘safe space’ for anti-Semites in Britain, damning MPs’ report finds

Jeremy Corbyn has helped create a “safe space” for anti-Semites in Britain, a cross-party parliamentary report says in a damning indictment of his leadership.

In conclusions endorsed by Labour and Tory MPs, it is claimed Mr Corbyn does not fully understand the nature of modern-day racism against Jews.

Baroness Chakrabarti, who took a peerage offered by Mr Corbyn weeks after overseeing an inquiry into Labour anti-Semitism, is also singled out for severe criticism.

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Jeremy Corbyn accused of incompetence by MPs over antisemitic abuse

Labour leader hits back after select committee derides Shami Chakrabarti’s ‘compromised’ inquiry into antisemitism

Jeremy Corbyn has come under strong personal attack from a cross-party committee of MPs investigating the growth of antisemitism for helping to create a safe space for people with “vile attitudes towards Jewish people”.

In a damning indictment of the party and its leader, the powerful home affairs select committee claims that Corbyn’s lack of action “risks lending force to allegations that elements of the Labour movement are institutionally antisemitic”. In the report, published on Sunday , Labour is said to have been “demonstrably incompetent” in dealing with incidents of anti-Jewish abuse.

An inquiry into antisemitism in Labour carried out by Shami Chakrabarti on the orders of Corbyn earlier this year is described as “ultimately compromised”. Its independence was thrown into doubt by Chakrabarti’s acceptance of a peerage and a job in the shadow cabinet, the committee writes.

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Jeremy Corbyn’s response to anti-Semitism in Labour criticised by MPs

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has not done enough to tackle anti-Semitism in the party, a committee of MPs has said.

The Home Affairs Select Committee report criticised him for a lack of “consistent leadership” on the issue, which it said benefited people with “vile attitudes” toward Jewish people.

Mr Corbyn accused the committee of a “disproportionate” emphasis on Labour.

The MPs also criticised Twitter, which they said hosted “vast swathes” of hate speech and abuse aimed at Jews.

Their Anti-Semitism in the UK report said the social network should do more to identify abusers. A spokesman for Twitter said it tackled hateful conduct “head-on”.

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17 thoughts on “MPs have shone a light on the tide of anti-Semitism engulfing the Labour party

  1. This is a real problem. It’s not just the MSM out to get Corbyn. It’s worse when you get far left “anti-Zionists” one to one when they often drop the “anti-Zionist” schtick and talk openly about the Jews. There’s a cricket test for Jews on the left. Agree with the most extreme criticisms of Israel (apartheid state bent on genocide etc) and singling out Israel for boycott (over Saudi Arabia?) then you are a “good Jew”. But try to inject some nuance (eg how come the Palestinian population rises year on year if this is genocide?) then you must be saying it because you are a Jew.
    I tried pointing out to a leftist generalising about Jews that one could say “Palestinians want to exterminate the Jews”. I thought he would say “not all Palestinians” enabling me to point out that not all Jews fit his stereotype. Instead he said “but that’s because of the way the Jews treat them” ie fair enough. It’s really scary and mirrors the Rotherham problem. The left as feminists should be foursquare against gang rape, instead (with many honourable exceptions) they have stood with the deniers and enablers. Why? Because race trumps gender and “non whites can’t be racist” (and of course “you are playing into the hands of…) In the 30s Jews were the left’s favourite victims. Now they have their own state they are trumped by Muslims. This notwithstanding that Muslims have many states, perhaps because Israel always wins and their Muslim enemies always lose. It’s a mess and decent folk on the left must call it out and not pretend it’s all made up by the Daily Mail (which supported the Blackshirts). BTW I’m not Jewish. Sadly leftists often assume I must be when I talk about this. Oh, I’m not on the right either. Some things are just wrong, even when your own side does it.


  2. Corbyn could launch a determined campaign to rid Labour of antisemitism. But he won’t.
    He appeases the antisemitic Labour activists who voted for him in leadership elections and he needs the Muslim vote to elect Labour MP’s to Westminster.
    Baroness Shammy (New Convert to Labour) wrote a ‘truthful’ report saying “there is not an antisemitic problem in the Labour party”.
    Coincidentally this was just before she was enobled for something entirely not connected to it.


    • Is it one over represented minority, the Jews, being challenge by another over represented minority, the Muslims. What about the majority and other minorities having their views catered for?


  3. @Loudmouth
    ‘Is it one over represented minority, the Jews, being challenge by another over represented minority, the Muslims.’

    Religious tolerance should be one of the principles that guides everyone, whether they are politicians or citizens.
    I’m not comfortable with your statement about ‘over represented minority, the Jews………..
    over represented minority, the Muslims.’ You need to support this with evidence IMV.

    Politicians know or should know the rules about religious incitement and/or speeches designed to inflame the divisions between religious groups.
    Britain has a proud history concerning religious tolerance and now because some people think their own prejudices should be party policy this issue has reared its ugly head.

    The Left has a pathological hatred of Jews and Zionism which is a problem for Corbyn.
    No one accuses him of being an antisemite but many Jews worry about his past instincts.
    To be specific: Corbyn was a long-time backer of a pro-Palestinian group founded by Paul Eisen and he attended its 2013 event even after Eisen had outed himself as a Holocaust denier a few years earlier. Thanks to Corbyn the Labour party is attracting many leftists with a hostile view of Jews.
    This is the wrong image for the Labour party and its leader and the longer it persists the longer the Labour party will remain as the Party of Opposition.



    • When New Labour/New Con, came into existence, they were more than friendly with the Jewish cause and frequently excused there brutal treatment of the Palestians. You seem to brush that under the carpet, very conviently. However I never heard anyone calling them islamophobic.

      Yet here we have a leader, who expresses an opposite view and all of a sudden, he’s anti Jews? Let’s have some consistency. The left has never had a problem with the Jewish cause, just this murderer whose running Isreal at the moment.


        • Loudmouth… The answer to your question is YES.
          21% Arabs live in Israel are Muslims. They have the same voting rights. One of the few places in the middle East allow women a vote. Arabs currently hold 10 seats in the Knessat… No institutional segregation though Arabs and Jews prefer to live seperately.. Please take time to study the land mass of the Arab world compared to Israel. ( I think it’s something like over 500 time more land mass)
          If I were your neighbor Loudmouth and daily chucked rocks or other missiles over your fence I imagine you would chuck a few back…I could possibly have a better aim than you though which could potentially make me look like the bully in the eyes of some.
          Finaly… Does Israel claim their intention is the annihilation of the Palestinian race ?….Is annialation of the Jewish race the publically recorded goal of the Arab world.?


    • @ Linda, a few rocks being thrown is not comparable to a rocket from a F16 or Tank shell?
      @ Colin , personally I couldn’t give a damn about the Jews or the Arabs, both are currupt races, who feel they are better than others and both have caused immeasurable problems around the world for centuries. Both races also have a habit of abusing children, Seville, Jenner etc and our current upstanding members of society, the Muslims rapists caliphate of Great Britian.


  4. For Loudmouth….May I suggest you watch on youtube Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech at the UN September 2015. It makes for a more informed discussion regarding the point you make from both sides of the argument….
    Trying not to be condescending Loudmouth but your argument sounds very much like Saturday night at the pub after a few beers. It’s too serious an issue for nonesense from both sides.


  5. Dolls , you misconstrued me, a metropolitan elite for a pub swelling knobhead, your used to. We drink Lagers and spilzers unsweetness. I couldn’t give a damn about these two dispictable races, they can carry on killing each other , until there’s none of them left, problem solved. If there so immature to solve a little problem about living together, why the hell should we care.


  6. Labour do not have a problem at all in relation to anything Jewish. It is the media who influence politics and if the don’t like someone they are branded anti-Jewish and holocaust denieres. When are going to get it! It’s always the same!


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