What Denis is up to!

The Experience:
**London Talks @ Night in a collaboration with Specialist Speakers.**
What brought 52% of UK citizens to vote leave?

Will England actually leave the EU? 

What is the future for England and the EU after Brexit?
Denis MacShane, the former UK Minister for Europe, a former BBC journalist and the man whose book Brexit: How Britain Will Leave Europe, will argue in this controversial talk, that just as no-one believed the UK would leave Europe in the June referendum, now today’s prevailing wisdom that we will be fully exiting the EU may also be false.

He considers the Brexit campaign as a result of 20 years of a non-stop propaganda and effective political campaigning. He refers to a strong elite Eurosceptic establishment in the media, politics and business that has been constantly critical of the EU throughout this century.

Denis will discuss a “basis of very big lies” which brought the victory to the Leave campaign. He will argue the paradox of choice within a democratic system and the potential consequences of Brexit on England as well as on the EU.

Read on… http://uk.funzing.com/funz/6454?utm_source=Londonist&utm_medium=Article&utm_campaign=popular

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