Child sex abuse trial: MP welcomes guilty verdicts

Child sex abuse trial: MP welcomes guilty verdicts

CAMPAIGNING MP Sarah Champion today welcomed the conviction of eight men from Rotherham on child sexual exploitation offences.

Reacting to the guilty verdicts returned at Sheffield Crown Court this afternoon, the Rotherham MP said: “I would firstly like to state my absolute admiration and thanks to the survivors for coming forward.

“These young women have been trying for years to be heard.

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VIDEO: Child sex abuse trial: Police, CPS and council reaction

EIGHT men have been found guilty of 19 sexual offences against three young Rotherham girls.

Det Ch Insp Martin Tate, of South Yorkshire Police, Peter Mann, from the Crown Prosecution Service and Ian Thomas, Rotherham Borough Council’s children’s director gave their reaction outside Sheffield Crown Court this afternoon.

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Second Rotherham Trial at Sheffield Crown Court:

5 thoughts on “Child sex abuse trial: MP welcomes guilty verdicts

  1. Saint Sarah, former friends of people who protected these things, now claiming it’s a good result. Perhaps when she hobknobing with this community, she’ll have a good look at them and think, how many of them were invoved. I for one, couldn’t stomach being in the same room or within a 100 yards of these people, the mere thought sickens me.


  2. Should a person with a Police Caution, comment on others who have convictions ?. She still has not clarified how she obtained a job at a Childrens` Hospice, with a caution in relation to domestic violence. Was the DBS check ignored ?. The Trustees of Bluebell wood should explain the circumstances around this issue.


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